Why you should be careful who you move in with…

Long story short , you can only stay on campus for your first year , after that you’re forced to move out and find private accomadation , we left it semi-late but managed to find a reasonable 6 bedroom house – however the rooms are of varying sizes.
Being academics and stuff… we figured it makes sense to apportion the rent somewhat according to the sizes of the rooms , eg room A has larger room than room B and as such pays £x more per month and room B gets the money which makes their rent cheaper.

We cut cards to decide who gets first pick of the rooms , there are 3 large rooms and 3 small rooms – I get 4/6th pick (note: there are 3 large rooms.)

Having a discussion on facebook , we’re currently pondering larger rooms pay the smaller rooms £20 per month , so larger rooms are paying like £70 per week and smaller rooms pay £60 a week – sounds sort of fair right?

And then theres always one special one who wants everything…

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