Tate London – ‘Modern art’

So i went to meet with some uni friends in london , they ended up going to the Tate in London , basically a modern art gallery…
The things we saw there were…. impressive…

And by impressive i mean im amazed that we were standing in a gallery staring at a white hexagon of paper glued to the wall.


This was arguably one of the more entertaining ones , 9 pictures… of a guy disapearing into the floor…

Heres the other picture i took..


Here we have a piece of wood carved into a dead tree , a piece of cloth on the floor , a piece of thick rope arranged on the floor , at the back left there is some ropes hanging out of the wall and at the back right there are pieces of wood cut into intresting shapes.

Other noteworthy mentions were the bedframe hanging off the wall by a hook , the piece of wood with 200 nails in it , the dead palm tree , the 6 sacks of grain , the old bells on old tables , the stack of wood and bricks with a tyre on top and masking tape on the side and a video of a naked woman pouring blood over herself.

Fucking modern art.

I will now to the best of my ability try and recreate one of the pieces of art i saw…


Tate gallery im waiting for your call.