Dennou Coil

So i finally finished Dennou Coil today , a 26 episode anime series

Definately one of the better anime’s ive seen , with a very unique universe.
The closest thing i can sort of compare it to i guess is the ‘megaman battle network’ universe (if you’ve no idea what that is you should probably actually grab a gba emulator and play it , good game)
Basically , technology has advanced to such a level where there is a parallell virtual world running synchronized with the real world , so to access the virtual world you wear glasses and such – this then essentially overlays a videogame sorta thing to the real world , so you’d be able to see cyberpets or viruses running around the world (but if you was to take off your glasses you wouldnt see anything).

The story then has its ups and downs , some parts intresting some parts just silly (hacker battles? wut?) but overall definately a good series with the story actually being way more important than it sometimes lets on.

I could talk more about the awesome stuff that happens but in all honesty part of the enjoyment of the series is seeing how their world works – watch the first episode and see if you like it , if you don’t – this series probably isnt for you.