Macross Frontier


Finished Macross frontier tonight , it was…. pretty damn good.
25 episodes and i finished it in 4 days says it all i think.

The anime is somewhat of a mix between some sort of bizarre musical and space dogfighting , occasionally occuring at the same time.
The story focues on alto , a military pilot and what essentially turn out to be 2 famous singers – theres then an alien race trying to destroy them all and they have to fight for survival. Throw in a few twists , a few love triangles , an overprotective brother , some screaming and some tradgedy and you have Macross frontier.

Forewarning : as i said , this anime may as well be a musical – lots and lots of songs and such. Those who cant stand j-pop probably shouldnt bother.

PS. Anime has the most epic final episode ever. srsly.