Nvidia 3d Motion Discover


It lives! (You need Red/Cyan glasses)

I saw a thread on WSGF with some guy basically talking about this , I had no idea it existed – arguably my own fault for never updating my drivers.


basically in the latest Vista Nvidia driver you can activate stereoscopic 3d for any game , this includes TF2 , L4D , UT3 , Street Fighter IV….
Full list of tested games here but any fullscreen game it will try and turn 3d , usually with varying degrees of success but it at least gives it a go – Generally the least you’ll get is any overlaying GUI will appear closer than everything else which is kind of nice.

Other games dont work particuarly well , for example audiosurf is impossible to play as you essentially become colourblind – i havent actually tried playing TF2 online but there is a colourblind setting for that at least.

Good ol’ guybrush made the transition to 3d flawlessly