Pre-Moving out day..

So i think im done packing majority of my clothes and stuff in my suitcase , obviously still to go is my computer , peripherals , and whatever else i decide to take tomorrow morning.
Of course , im pretty sure im going to forget to take SOMETHING with me , as this has happened the past 3 terms i went to uni.

Odds of me forgetting to bring stuff….

0-20% :
Important item of clothing – eg. trousers
Wallet / Uni ID card
Stash of instant noodles and bulmers that i have downstairs
Kitchen stuff , plates and that

20-40% :
My Phone / DS / PSP / MP3 player
Something integral to my computer – eg. Mouse/power cable etc
Computer Speakers

40-60% :
Blanket or duvet cover or something
PSP/DS/MP3/Phone charger and/or cables to connect it to pc
My Printer
Compressed air canister in my cupboard

60-80% :
Pens or paper
Clothes Hangers
The clock dave bought me for christmas
Sake in the cupboard
BB Gun

80-100% :
Nail Clipper
Something important to my course – eg. core textbook or lab book or something
Everything else not on this list

Id also like to note that i would have 100% forgotten my lab coat if i didnt just remember about it.
Debating whether or not to pack my 3d glasses , my domo-kun plushie , IIDX controller and my nunchucks

Ps. man im gonna miss my hifi speakers connected to my PC , maybe i’ll buy a 5.1 set when i go there…