2nd Year Accomadation

So i havent even showed you guys my new house yet , firstly , my room
Lots of storage space behind the giant mirror cupboards , and the stuff in the middle opens up as well – i have about 20 packs of crisps stashed there for now



Heres the view of our garden from my window


The bunker thing at the end is like something from Resi
(inside the bunker) , Yeah , thats hay on the floor there , some random wooden planks and cardboard , vines over the wall , an old bbq and there are a few tanks of gas which are out of the shot

pimg-0023_1Lounge and kitchen next..

pimg-0020_1Tiny TV , equipped with a PS3 and a modded Wii.
There are also usually a few laptops in this room , 2 at the time of photograph.
The small little white square/LCD thing to the right can monitor electricity usage when you plug it into the wall – Did you know a PS3 uses approx 300 watts as soon as its turned on? For comparison my PC (including monitor and speakers)  ranges from 100w (idle) to around 240w (gaming)

pimg-0021_1This is our kitchen , it smells funny :/

pimg-0022_1We also have a hole in the wall between the kitchen and lounge. Oddly , this is NOT a brick wall , its a thin wall probably made from cocktail sticks and mud with brick plates stuck on top in a bricklike fashion.

The house on the whole is…. well… parts of it make it unsurprising that it was pretty cheap , for example light switches behind doors or stuff like this..

pimg-0018_1Lights without bulbs and without switches pretty much sums up our house.