Pre Term Life

So because i moved in like a week and a half early , the past week has just been lazing around doing pretty much nothing all day.
I wake up at around 12 , then the rest of the day usually involves playing games on the PC until i get hungry – i then cook – and will probably end up in the living room watching south park or playing wii with the others , that or actually go out – if we go out , likely go to a bar or to the girls house which is like 2 minutes walk away.

We think we got internet sorted out today , we got disconnected the other day and then they only sent us a modem but not a router so we’re still waiting on that.
I just sorted out my travel for the next 25 weeks or so , £187 for a 2 term bus pass ,i figured i should buy it now since i dont think i’ll be able to hitch rides with the others (they’re all engineers doing 5 hours a week or something apparently)

Living here where i have to pay for electricity and shit has also made me realise just how expensive electricity is.
For example , if you was to use around 500 watts constantly for a month , the bill would be around £45-£50
Now consider a lightbulb uses 30-60w, TV uses around 100w , PS3 uses around 300w , my PC uses around 250w when gaming (120w idle)…
God forbid anything in the kitchen , Sandwich toaster uses 700w , kettle uses around 900w , microwave uses 700w and the electric shower uses…. 7kWatts (SEVEN FUCKING THOUSAND!)


In other news , finished Resi 5 100% the other day with anony , finished Batman Arkham Asylum (90%) – which was a really good game btw , currently working my way through Red Faction Guerrilla which is good fun as well leveling buildings down into dust (although it does bother me that all of the enviroment is made out of cardboard)