Week 3

ummmm…So since last week (sorry for lack of updates i have a boring life okay.)We finished our labs for this term , now i just have to write up a bigass report on why everything we did failed miserably.Got some … Read More


We played 4 games and then a bigteam gameThere were 4 bunkers each containing their own group of people , we had about 20v20 in our bunker , us 21 from warwick against a few smaller teams – who got … Read More


So today i decided to go for a swim before starting my day at uni , it was here that i realised im incredibly unfit. 2 Lengths and in a row and i was breathless – blondie A cup in … Read More

Few random pictures…

We went to the freshers fair at university the other day to get all the freebies , we arent freshers of course , but freebies…I managed to get a 2gb pen drive , some highlighters , a condom , free … Read More