Monopoly City Streets // halloween mask // SAW (vg)

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Dat some me toppin dat local leaderboard?
Unfortunately national and global is pretty impossible to get on unless you get a good start or multi account like a bitch. Ah well.

Also , some of you already seen but…

scoutUnfortunately i forgot to put eyeholes. So i’ll probably wear this at the start of the night then switch to a shirtninja mask so that i can actually see what im drinking.

Alsoalso. I downloaded SAW the videogame the other day , I actually hate the films , the ones ive seen anyway but i thought id give it a try because theres been a drought with PC games whilst waiting for borderlands.
The game is sort of cool i guess? It feels alot like Condemned only 3rd person and with lots less fighting and more puzzles and stuff. Not been particuarly scary yet , the game keeps a creepy atmosphere though – it could definately be a really scary game if it threw in cheap scares but thankfully it hasnt yet.

Taking advantage of my friend’s Wii

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So my friend gave me the software to be able to put stuff onto his external HDD which works as a HDD for his Wii. I then rushed off to blackcats and downloaded a ton of games i wanted to play.

The two games ive properly played so far are Wario Land Shake it! and No More Heroes…

Wario Land Shake it!

Okay so basically , this game is fucking amazing. Typical 2d style wario gameplay.
The jist of the game is that you’re out to get the legendary shake bag which never runs out of coins no matter how much you shake it but they’ve imprisoned some stupid looking fairy dragon things so you have to go rescue them first before you can find the big boss’s pirate ship. Thus basically you run through lots of randomly themed levels , each with their own little trick (eg. might have cannons , might have fire , you might be a submarine..) and then get to the end  , find the fairy dragon thing and then the place basically starts exploding and you have to get back to the level start as fast as possible. Very simple concept but it works oh so well.
You also get this smash power where basically you slam the controller down and he’ll slam the floor – much like the POW blocks in the old mario games , you also have to shake bags of money and stuff.
The game makes awesome use of motion controls and doesnt use it in too much of a gimmicky way but in a way which makes sense and makes the game more fun to play – for example if you pick something up you aim which direction you throw it in by tilting the controller , or if you’re in a unicycle you tilt which way you go , aiming cannons and stuff like that. The game isnt explained in this way though so the first time you hop into a unicycle you’re kinda just staring at it wondering what to do until you figure it out.
10/10 fo sho based on what ive played so far.

No More Heroes

I expected big things from this game based on the hype about it i heard , i actually had no idea what to expect.


What i got was essentially Crank : the videogame , with a lightsaber.
Run around and mash A to attack and then swing the wiimote in the direction it tells you to do a finishing attack , each kill makes the slot machine turn , if you get a winning match you get a special effect turned on – black and white mode instakill mode , superspeed mode , slow-mo mode , a mode where you just swear at them , a mode where you can shoot lazers…..
The game features RIDICULOUS levels of blood , which is absoloutely amazing , slaughtering a room of henchmen feels so much more satisfying when you cant even see whats happening because of all the blood.
End of the level has a crazy looking boss battle which is also pretty fun.
Inbetween levels is kinda filler and you have to do minigames and drive around and silly shit , which looked kinda boring (i let duncan do that bit) but the story levels are such fun.

Week 3

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So since last week (sorry for lack of updates i have a boring life okay.)
We finished our labs for this term , now i just have to write up a bigass report on why everything we did failed miserably.
Got some tutorial work due in on thursday which ive only partially done.
Nothing much really happened during the week at all actually , i made a start on my big daddy drawing for my pinboard , thats pretty much as eventful as it gets

I did go to a party yesterday night though , the hosts spent £150 on booze for the party – and it totally showed. Decked out bar thing with lots of stuff.
We made the mistake of doing drinking games at the girls house before going , played ring of fire but nobody drank the penalty bucket because christina thought it would be a clever idea to put some chocolate milkshake in there – and apparently milk + alcohol = vom.
So we got to the party thing after a bit of walking (and stopping off at McD’s for some o dat double cheezburger)
The rest of the night is somewhat of a blur , had a glass of punch (which was pretty much 50:50 sambuca and pineapple juice) , did a shot of jaegermeister , double shot of sambuca which went right up my fucking nose christ that shit burns , archers and lemonade…
They also had alcoholic jelly! Rose jelly and Vodka jelly , i had… a fair bit of both. Which in retrospect is probably what destroyed me.
From there it was just stumbling from sofa to sofa to doritos to sofa and then eventually to gemmas bed where all the biology people had settled and we just talked shit for ages.
Fell asleep in the biomed bed for a while and when i woke up everyone had left and the music was off. After deciding whether or not i was capable of walking home , i decided to go for it – it was 4:30am btw.
I then spent a 40 minute walk stumbling through town constantly thinking i was going to throw up and trying to convince myself it was just a burp coming . Managed to not vom and as such maintained my record of never throwing up from alcohol.
Got back around 5:10am , moved the bin close to my bed for obvious reasons and went to sleep pretty instantly.

Oh , in other news i downloaded a bunch of games for lukes wii , which ill play at some point..
Okami , no more heroes , SSX Blur (Did i mention i have a really bad urge to play tricky still?) , wheres wally? (the game!) , Super swing golf season 2 (aka. Pangya/Albatross 18) , Wario land shakeit and finally (best for last) Dragonball Z Budokai tenkaichi 3.


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We played 4 games and then a bigteam game
There were 4 bunkers each containing their own group of people , we had about 20v20 in our bunker , us 21 from warwick against a few smaller teams – who got completely fucking dominated.
We beat them 12-0 , where you get 3 points for a flag capture or annhilation , and 0 points for a complete loss.

We played trenches – a world war themed level with some trees on one side and then … trenches (duh) , then we played Diamond which is just a small area with bunker and some vehicles and such , then rambo – which looked a hell of a lot like the village from resident evil 5 , and some other one which was basically just a giant forest with 2 bridges where we had to defend the flag – they gave the other team a huge advantage by basically saying we cant move from the starting area and they get respawns for the first 2 minutes , we still destroyed them though.
Actually managed to not get hit at all for these 4 games , killed about 6 people maybe.

The only pictures which got taken were during the bigteam game , which is basically 2 bunkers VS 2 bunkers , so like 60 vs 60 or something obscene.

In the picture below in standing just to the left of the guy in black shooting his gun upside down , looking slightly short and somewhat like a ninja wearing World war 1 fatigues


Their team had a crazy topless guy, fucking suicidal if you ask me.

Our team got completely messed up in the bigteam because other than our 20 , everyone else was completely shit. They got completely flanked on the left side through the forest and ran away instead of firing back – leaving me and some guys completely surrounded as they came from behind , left flank and in front.




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So today i decided to go for a swim before starting my day at uni , it was here that i realised im incredibly unfit. 2 Lengths and in a row and i was breathless – blondie A cup in the lane next to me (who it turns out is on my course) on the other hand was dominating me , she did about 4 lengths in the time it took me to do 2 just because she never stops swimming @_@

And now ~ Some pictures..

Ducky Ducks


The student union , under construction.
You can see the artists impression on the wall there , glass fronted and all sorts… Original Project completion date? June 2009 – so like… 3 months ago. Latest project completion date? Autumn/winter 2009 – And it looks like they wont be getting that either.


You may recall in yesterdays (?) blog post i mentioned that I spat in a nutrient agar plate (for growing bacteria) – well I took the plate out of the incubator today and…..Success! We have some growth! (although im not sure if this is a good thing or not.) The entire plate was slightly cloudy and then there were small shiny yellow colonies growing on the surface – probably that stuff which makes your breath smell or something , although i didnt open the lid off out of fear.


Going paintball tomorrow morning so that should be good fun , shame i wont really be able to take pictures and such there.

We have to write 3000 words on what?!

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Not much to report , labs are going pretty bad – no mutant colonies on stuff we’re supposed to have mutants on and so on.
I also gobbed on a nutrient agar plate today and put it in the incubator to see if anything grows out of my spit.

We also got our essay titles given to us today , we get to pick 1 out of 5 titles and then we have to write 3000 words and have at least 15 references (of which internet should be minimally used)
The essay titles are…
1. ‘Gastrointestinal infections – causative organisms and molecular biology of these infections’
2. Mycoplasmas and disease
3. The holiday marker and emerging infections
4. Heliobacter pylori and ulcers
5. Bdellovibrio – a predatory bacterium

At the moment im leaning towards 1 or 5 , just because i can sort of make sense of the title.

In other news..
I spent almost £50 on food shopping at ASDA – which is impressive.

The clouds were also doing some funky shit yesterday on the walk back from gibbet hill , i took a picture.


Oh, on wedsnesday was the taster session for the skirmish action society (gay name i know) which my friends run , it basically devolved down into playing manhunt in the middle of a forest with thorns and lots of shrubs and shit , there was an injury in the first half an hour of play – some guy sprained his ankle , i managed to cut myself on a bush whilst running away. Still though, good stuff.

I also just booked my place for a paintballing thing on saturday which should hopefully be a good de-stress

When its time to party we will party hard

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Whoops. has been a while since ive made a blog post.
Mainly because term has actually started now and shit pretty much hit the fan.

Some of the older readers may recall that last year of uni i had to do labs once a week , essentially a day from 10am to like 4 or 5pm spent in the laboratory doing stuff (stupid shit) like pipetting stuff into other stuff or plating bacteria or exracting DNA from cells and shit , this is of course coupled with a lab report which had to be handed in once a week and is basically an essay.
Well in 2nd year we do what is pretty much a lab project , We’re in labs EVERY DAY although thankfully not every day is 5 hours of labs , somedays its only an hour or two. We also now have to plan out the experiments for the next day , this generally results in days where you have 1 or 2 hours of lectures turning into full 10am-5pm days as we need to discuss the labs and all that shit , its so long.
As such , the past week has been pretty much waking up at 8 or 9am and then being at uni until about 5 or 6pm , where i cook my own dinner , watch an episode of south park , play some punch out and then start working on the next days experiment or reviewing the lectures (because i generally fall asleep or dont understand shit). This lifestyle as you can imagine has left me without much time to have fun…

Gaming has been pretty minimal , i installed ‘Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! – a reckless disregard for gravity’ the other day , which is a pretty fun basejumping game where you weave in and out of buildings and shit. I also installed the new Operation Flashpoint that my friends have been raving about – its utter shit imo , its pretty much like playing Battlefield 2 but with less accurate weapons and having to look out for your teammates , far far too realistic – you have to bandage yourself if you get shot at all , even in the arm , theres bullet drop etc etc. Not my sort of thing personally.

Also went out to clubs twice this week in the little spare time i had , on tuesday we went to a foam party – which was actually pretty fucking amazing , small club area and then what can only be described as a washing up liquid foam cannon – it turns on every now and then and bombards the crowd with eye burning foam made from extra extra value washing up liquid. The floor becomes somewhat swampy with bubbles and everyone gets very very wet , pretty much soaked through – resulting in most of the guys taking their shirts off and most of the girls having very see-through tops.
On friday me and frances went to crash , which was pretty awesome too , pretty standard crash stuff – some heavy stuff and moshing followed by some lighter stuff followed by reel big fish and some other ska for people to skank to , followed by some flogging molly for people to jig to and then some classics (lost prophets , foo fighters and andrew WK’s one hit wonder song) which were great fun. Crash has been relocated to the 2nd floor of the club , at one point a conga line started which went downstairs and then looped over so we just had this giant conga line going through the other event (electric shitty – which is like indie music and arctic monkeys and all that shit).

Not a whole lot else to report i suppose , ive wasted around half an hour writing this up instead of revising my lectures or planning tomorrows labs so im pretty much gonna get fucked up.
Oh also , cant wait for borderlands to come out – i just hope i have enough free time to play it

Few random pictures…

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We went to the freshers fair at university the other day to get all the freebies , we arent freshers of course , but freebies…
I managed to get a 2gb pen drive , some highlighters , a condom , free slice of pizza , maoam , bottle opener , keychain and maybe one or two other little bits and bobs , the 2gb pendrive alone made the trip pretty worth it because i actually dont have one somehow.
We ended up invading cryfield again , the door was open so we went to run around the corridors. The chairs in the common room have been replaced and there was a weird calendar in the kitchen but other than that , pretty much same old cryfield.

Aggie decided to write a letter for the next person in her room , as did I , of course mine was a little different to hers.
No picture but it read
‘Dear next tenant – Did they manage to get that blood out of the carpet?’
Made worse by the fact that the carpet in my room was different to everyone elses and there was indeed some sort of stain in the middle of the floor.

uh… in other news , we got a new TV for our lounge – £65 from a friend’s sister


Im not sure if i mentioned before but we had a house party recently , the result was a crapton (below) of bottles and cans left around and no space in the recycling bin (or normal bin for that matter) to put them.


We also put a giant piece of paper up on the wall for people to write on at the party , the result was that most of it was filled by us – ah well.

Lastly , i couldnt really work out what to put on my pinboard so i decided to be creative and artsy and… well..

Obviously still a work in progress , i intend to have all sorts of shit on it eventually and have it just a giant mishmash of games references