Few random pictures…

We went to the freshers fair at university the other day to get all the freebies , we arent freshers of course , but freebies…
I managed to get a 2gb pen drive , some highlighters , a condom , free slice of pizza , maoam , bottle opener , keychain and maybe one or two other little bits and bobs , the 2gb pendrive alone made the trip pretty worth it because i actually dont have one somehow.
We ended up invading cryfield again , the door was open so we went to run around the corridors. The chairs in the common room have been replaced and there was a weird calendar in the kitchen but other than that , pretty much same old cryfield.

Aggie decided to write a letter for the next person in her room , as did I , of course mine was a little different to hers.
No picture but it read
‘Dear next tenant – Did they manage to get that blood out of the carpet?’
Made worse by the fact that the carpet in my room was different to everyone elses and there was indeed some sort of stain in the middle of the floor.

uh… in other news , we got a new TV for our lounge – £65 from a friend’s sister


Im not sure if i mentioned before but we had a house party recently , the result was a crapton (below) of bottles and cans left around and no space in the recycling bin (or normal bin for that matter) to put them.


We also put a giant piece of paper up on the wall for people to write on at the party , the result was that most of it was filled by us – ah well.

Lastly , i couldnt really work out what to put on my pinboard so i decided to be creative and artsy and… well..

Obviously still a work in progress , i intend to have all sorts of shit on it eventually and have it just a giant mishmash of games references