When its time to party we will party hard

Whoops. has been a while since ive made a blog post.
Mainly because term has actually started now and shit pretty much hit the fan.

Some of the older readers may recall that last year of uni i had to do labs once a week , essentially a day from 10am to like 4 or 5pm spent in the laboratory doing stuff (stupid shit) like pipetting stuff into other stuff or plating bacteria or exracting DNA from cells and shit , this is of course coupled with a lab report which had to be handed in once a week and is basically an essay.
Well in 2nd year we do what is pretty much a lab project , We’re in labs EVERY DAY although thankfully not every day is 5 hours of labs , somedays its only an hour or two. We also now have to plan out the experiments for the next day , this generally results in days where you have 1 or 2 hours of lectures turning into full 10am-5pm days as we need to discuss the labs and all that shit , its so long.
As such , the past week has been pretty much waking up at 8 or 9am and then being at uni until about 5 or 6pm , where i cook my own dinner , watch an episode of south park , play some punch out and then start working on the next days experiment or reviewing the lectures (because i generally fall asleep or dont understand shit). This lifestyle as you can imagine has left me without much time to have fun…

Gaming has been pretty minimal , i installed ‘Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! – a reckless disregard for gravity’ the other day , which is a pretty fun basejumping game where you weave in and out of buildings and shit. I also installed the new Operation Flashpoint that my friends have been raving about – its utter shit imo , its pretty much like playing Battlefield 2 but with less accurate weapons and having to look out for your teammates , far far too realistic – you have to bandage yourself if you get shot at all , even in the arm , theres bullet drop etc etc. Not my sort of thing personally.

Also went out to clubs twice this week in the little spare time i had , on tuesday we went to a foam party – which was actually pretty fucking amazing , small club area and then what can only be described as a washing up liquid foam cannon – it turns on every now and then and bombards the crowd with eye burning foam made from extra extra value washing up liquid. The floor becomes somewhat swampy with bubbles and everyone gets very very wet , pretty much soaked through – resulting in most of the guys taking their shirts off and most of the girls having very see-through tops.
On friday me and frances went to crash , which was pretty awesome too , pretty standard crash stuff – some heavy stuff and moshing followed by some lighter stuff followed by reel big fish and some other ska for people to skank to , followed by some flogging molly for people to jig to and then some classics (lost prophets , foo fighters and andrew WK’s one hit wonder song) which were great fun. Crash has been relocated to the 2nd floor of the club , at one point a conga line started which went downstairs and then looped over so we just had this giant conga line going through the other event (electric shitty – which is like indie music and arctic monkeys and all that shit).

Not a whole lot else to report i suppose , ive wasted around half an hour writing this up instead of revising my lectures or planning tomorrows labs so im pretty much gonna get fucked up.
Oh also , cant wait for borderlands to come out – i just hope i have enough free time to play it