We have to write 3000 words on what?!

Not much to report , labs are going pretty bad – no mutant colonies on stuff we’re supposed to have mutants on and so on.
I also gobbed on a nutrient agar plate today and put it in the incubator to see if anything grows out of my spit.

We also got our essay titles given to us today , we get to pick 1 out of 5 titles and then we have to write 3000 words and have at least 15 references (of which internet should be minimally used)
The essay titles are…
1. ‘Gastrointestinal infections – causative organisms and molecular biology of these infections’
2. Mycoplasmas and disease
3. The holiday marker and emerging infections
4. Heliobacter pylori and ulcers
5. Bdellovibrio – a predatory bacterium

At the moment im leaning towards 1 or 5 , just because i can sort of make sense of the title.

In other news..
I spent almost £50 on food shopping at ASDA – which is impressive.

The clouds were also doing some funky shit yesterday on the walk back from gibbet hill , i took a picture.


Oh, on wedsnesday was the taster session for the skirmish action society (gay name i know) which my friends run , it basically devolved down into playing manhunt in the middle of a forest with thorns and lots of shrubs and shit , there was an injury in the first half an hour of play – some guy sprained his ankle , i managed to cut myself on a bush whilst running away. Still though, good stuff.

I also just booked my place for a paintballing thing on saturday which should hopefully be a good de-stress