So today i decided to go for a swim before starting my day at uni , it was here that i realised im incredibly unfit. 2 Lengths and in a row and i was breathless – blondie A cup in the lane next to me (who it turns out is on my course) on the other hand was dominating me , she did about 4 lengths in the time it took me to do 2 just because she never stops swimming @_@

And now ~ Some pictures..

Ducky Ducks


The student union , under construction.
You can see the artists impression on the wall there , glass fronted and all sorts… Original Project completion date? June 2009 – so like… 3 months ago. Latest project completion date? Autumn/winter 2009 – And it looks like they wont be getting that either.


You may recall in yesterdays (?) blog post i mentioned that I spat in a nutrient agar plate (for growing bacteria) – well I took the plate out of the incubator today and…..Success! We have some growth! (although im not sure if this is a good thing or not.) The entire plate was slightly cloudy and then there were small shiny yellow colonies growing on the surface – probably that stuff which makes your breath smell or something , although i didnt open the lid off out of fear.


Going paintball tomorrow morning so that should be good fun , shame i wont really be able to take pictures and such there.