We played 4 games and then a bigteam game
There were 4 bunkers each containing their own group of people , we had about 20v20 in our bunker , us 21 from warwick against a few smaller teams – who got completely fucking dominated.
We beat them 12-0 , where you get 3 points for a flag capture or annhilation , and 0 points for a complete loss.

We played trenches – a world war themed level with some trees on one side and then … trenches (duh) , then we played Diamond which is just a small area with bunker and some vehicles and such , then rambo – which looked a hell of a lot like the village from resident evil 5 , and some other one which was basically just a giant forest with 2 bridges where we had to defend the flag – they gave the other team a huge advantage by basically saying we cant move from the starting area and they get respawns for the first 2 minutes , we still destroyed them though.
Actually managed to not get hit at all for these 4 games , killed about 6 people maybe.

The only pictures which got taken were during the bigteam game , which is basically 2 bunkers VS 2 bunkers , so like 60 vs 60 or something obscene.

In the picture below in standing just to the left of the guy in black shooting his gun upside down , looking slightly short and somewhat like a ninja wearing World war 1 fatigues


Their team had a crazy topless guy, fucking suicidal if you ask me.

Our team got completely messed up in the bigteam because other than our 20 , everyone else was completely shit. They got completely flanked on the left side through the forest and ran away instead of firing back – leaving me and some guys completely surrounded as they came from behind , left flank and in front.