Week 3

So since last week (sorry for lack of updates i have a boring life okay.)
We finished our labs for this term , now i just have to write up a bigass report on why everything we did failed miserably.
Got some tutorial work due in on thursday which ive only partially done.
Nothing much really happened during the week at all actually , i made a start on my big daddy drawing for my pinboard , thats pretty much as eventful as it gets

I did go to a party yesterday night though , the hosts spent £150 on booze for the party – and it totally showed. Decked out bar thing with lots of stuff.
We made the mistake of doing drinking games at the girls house before going , played ring of fire but nobody drank the penalty bucket because christina thought it would be a clever idea to put some chocolate milkshake in there – and apparently milk + alcohol = vom.
So we got to the party thing after a bit of walking (and stopping off at McD’s for some o dat double cheezburger)
The rest of the night is somewhat of a blur , had a glass of punch (which was pretty much 50:50 sambuca and pineapple juice) , did a shot of jaegermeister , double shot of sambuca which went right up my fucking nose christ that shit burns , archers and lemonade…
They also had alcoholic jelly! Rose jelly and Vodka jelly , i had… a fair bit of both. Which in retrospect is probably what destroyed me.
From there it was just stumbling from sofa to sofa to doritos to sofa and then eventually to gemmas bed where all the biology people had settled and we just talked shit for ages.
Fell asleep in the biomed bed for a while and when i woke up everyone had left and the music was off. After deciding whether or not i was capable of walking home , i decided to go for it – it was 4:30am btw.
I then spent a 40 minute walk stumbling through town constantly thinking i was going to throw up and trying to convince myself it was just a burp coming . Managed to not vom and as such maintained my record of never throwing up from alcohol.
Got back around 5:10am , moved the bin close to my bed for obvious reasons and went to sleep pretty instantly.

Oh , in other news i downloaded a bunch of games for lukes wii , which ill play at some point..
Okami , no more heroes , SSX Blur (Did i mention i have a really bad urge to play tricky still?) , wheres wally? (the game!) , Super swing golf season 2 (aka. Pangya/Albatross 18) , Wario land shakeit and finally (best for last) Dragonball Z Budokai tenkaichi 3.