Taking advantage of my friend’s Wii

So my friend gave me the software to be able to put stuff onto his external HDD which works as a HDD for his Wii. I then rushed off to blackcats and downloaded a ton of games i wanted to play.

The two games ive properly played so far are Wario Land Shake it! and No More Heroes…

Wario Land Shake it!

Okay so basically , this game is fucking amazing. Typical 2d style wario gameplay.
The jist of the game is that you’re out to get the legendary shake bag which never runs out of coins no matter how much you shake it but they’ve imprisoned some stupid looking fairy dragon things so you have to go rescue them first before you can find the big boss’s pirate ship. Thus basically you run through lots of randomly themed levels , each with their own little trick (eg. might have cannons , might have fire , you might be a submarine..) and then get to the end  , find the fairy dragon thing and then the place basically starts exploding and you have to get back to the level start as fast as possible. Very simple concept but it works oh so well.
You also get this smash power where basically you slam the controller down and he’ll slam the floor – much like the POW blocks in the old mario games , you also have to shake bags of money and stuff.
The game makes awesome use of motion controls and doesnt use it in too much of a gimmicky way but in a way which makes sense and makes the game more fun to play – for example if you pick something up you aim which direction you throw it in by tilting the controller , or if you’re in a unicycle you tilt which way you go , aiming cannons and stuff like that. The game isnt explained in this way though so the first time you hop into a unicycle you’re kinda just staring at it wondering what to do until you figure it out.
10/10 fo sho based on what ive played so far.

No More Heroes

I expected big things from this game based on the hype about it i heard , i actually had no idea what to expect.


What i got was essentially Crank : the videogame , with a lightsaber.
Run around and mash A to attack and then swing the wiimote in the direction it tells you to do a finishing attack , each kill makes the slot machine turn , if you get a winning match you get a special effect turned on – black and white mode instakill mode , superspeed mode , slow-mo mode , a mode where you just swear at them , a mode where you can shoot lazers…..
The game features RIDICULOUS levels of blood , which is absoloutely amazing , slaughtering a room of henchmen feels so much more satisfying when you cant even see whats happening because of all the blood.
End of the level has a crazy looking boss battle which is also pretty fun.
Inbetween levels is kinda filler and you have to do minigames and drive around and silly shit , which looked kinda boring (i let duncan do that bit) but the story levels are such fun.