Monopoly City Streets // halloween mask // SAW (vg)


Dat some me toppin dat local leaderboard?
Unfortunately national and global is pretty impossible to get on unless you get a good start or multi account like a bitch. Ah well.

Also , some of you already seen but…

scoutUnfortunately i forgot to put eyeholes. So i’ll probably wear this at the start of the night then switch to a shirtninja mask so that i can actually see what im drinking.

Alsoalso. I downloaded SAW the videogame the other day , I actually hate the films , the ones ive seen anyway but i thought id give it a try because theres been a drought with PC games whilst waiting for borderlands.
The game is sort of cool i guess? It feels alot like Condemned only 3rd person and with lots less fighting and more puzzles and stuff. Not been particuarly scary yet , the game keeps a creepy atmosphere though – it could definately be a really scary game if it threw in cheap scares but thankfully it hasnt yet.