So today I had to get up at 7am or so for a SUPER SPECIAL 2 HOUR LECTURE STARTING AT 9AM BY A SPECIAL GUEST LECTURER!It turned out to be some indian guy with an extreme english accent , he … Read More

Get down~ // beat this

^Brought to my attention by one Boyce. Also , i challenge you to top this. WE GATSA HAT CRASTACEAN BAAND *BUHM BUH TISH* Also , 2000/3000 words of my helicopter bacterium essay

Bored Games

So over the past few days we thought we’d try some drinking board games. First night we played ‘Risk’ which ive personally never played before. Its pretty much some sort of global domination game which is sort of 30% tictacs … Read More

Whoops. Neglected.

Sorry i havent updated in a while , just havent really had much to report. Summary of things which has happened in the past week…. My BFG 8800GTS 512 exploded on me , I have since had to deal with … Read More

Half minute hero Review (PSP)

So half minute hero consists of 4 main storylines/gametypes which interweave into a bigger story , these heroes are ‘Hero’ , ‘Princess’ , ‘Evil Lord’ and ‘Knight’… Story (Hero 30) : So theres always some asshat who is trying to … Read More

The chicken fiasco

So i went to tesco after coming back from hertfordshire university (before i got the bus back home) , the chicken section all of my beloved ‘2 chicken breasts for £2’ were sold out , the alternatives were ‘3 giant … Read More

Trip to hertfordshire university

So on the friday i left the comforts of my electronic filled house to go visit frances in hertfordshire.The trip took around 5 or 6 hours (bus , coach , coach) and left me stuck outside a guardhouse which i … Read More