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It turned out to be some indian guy with an extreme english accent , he spent the next 2 hours essentially saying CHOLESTEROL IS BAD , YOU HAVE CHOLESTEROL , YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK , ONE IN THREE PEOPLE WILL HAVE A HEART ATTACK IN THIS ROOM , ESSENTIALLY ONE THIRD OF YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD.
nice. definately how i wanted to spend my monday morning.

Scared by his talkings , i went to leamington afterwards and had a little walk around , ended up buying the rest of my secret santa gift (its nothing too great but ill take a picture and put it on here sometime after next weekend just in case that person checks this blog or something.

Uhm. Other news…
– ASDA Ginger beer isnt half bad
– 15/23 spec ops missions finished on veteran
– Level 30 in MW2 Online MP (somehow cross has gone from 1-35 in the time its taken me to go from 25-30, boy clearly plays the game too much)
– Shoulder ache from the other day…. I havent told this story yet….
Basically i went to asda without much cash thinking id pay for my shit by card , shopped , went to pay , ‘card blocked’ , tried my emergency credit card which my mum gave me , called her for the pin , put it in – ‘incorrect pin’. Fail.
So i had to walk all the way back home , get cash , walk all the way back , pay the bitch and then lug my shopping home
As for the shoulder ache , i stupidly went crazy on the deals and bought 4kg of chips , 2x2L bottles of fizzy drink and other misc shit (kg of chicken , cans , 1.3kg of ketchup…)

Get down~ // beat this

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^Brought to my attention by one Boyce.

Also , i challenge you to top this.


Also , 2000/3000 words of my helicopter bacterium essay

Bored Games

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So over the past few days we thought we’d try some drinking board games. First night we played ‘Risk’ which ive personally never played before. Its pretty much some sort of global domination game which is sort of 30% tictacs 70% lucky dice rolls for attack/defense. 4 of us played , luke died first because we basically all raped him and he kept rolling 1’s , duncan on the other hand was doing very well after starting the game in somalia – his black counters filled the board almost achieving world domination , he took over africa , south america and all of europe. At this point me and ian decided we’d have to make an alliance to stop the evil black counters , i posessed all of asia and russia (whites) , this gave a huge reinforcement boost , ian (blue) was being invaded at north america and he had australia. But we eventually pulled through using trump cards and so on to reinforce massively and taking out his stronghold in somalia.
Just as it was in southpark , race war? whites win!


We also played rude word scrabble last night , double points for rude/offensive/awesome words.

y2img-0049Unfortunately the picture came out a bit shit :<
noteworthy words…
Penis , Queef (Urbandictionary it if you need to) , fag , rape , jew , tosser and the game winning word….
‘nig bender in catz’ which went over a triple word square , double points for being awesome and alot of points for being fucking humongous.

Whoops. Neglected.

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Sorry i havent updated in a while , just havent really had much to report.

Summary of things which has happened in the past week….

My BFG 8800GTS 512 exploded on me , I have since had to deal with tech support emails and paid almost £7 to send it off to their tech support warehouse thing in wales , im yet to recieve a replacement card or any emails on the matter further but they at least acknowledge they recieved it. (I also replaced it with a 6800 Ultra)

After much messing around I made a start on my essay , this only happened yesterday though so at the moment its looking really shit and is just under 500 words , only 2500 more to go.

Ive been primarily playing Modern Warfare 2 on the 360 since my PC died on me , Im almost at Act III on Veteran on the campaign and am level 15 in the multiplayer , currently im really really shit at it however i blame the fact that our TV isnt dat HD and i cant ever see people.

I went home last weekend to visit family , along with going shopping , going to dimsum and setting up some cupboards to store shoes in , we ended up watching ‘2012’ which was pretty much ‘day after tomorrow’ but with better graphics and a black guy for a president. My dad had an operation on his parathyroid glands (in his neck) on the monday , the operation was a success from what i gather and he is now stable in a hospital bed but cannot talk properly yet.

This is all i can think to mention at current , will try to blog more but I feel like i have so little time recently juggling work and games that I cant really seem to find anything to rant about or anything intresting enough to properly blog.

Oh. Also , some pictures from my phone….

^Depressing picture of desk whilst trying to research helicopter bacteria

^Picture of the sleeping pod in the library

^Human buckaroo

^we also built a fort

And finally theres this guy.

Half minute hero Review (PSP)

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So half minute hero consists of 4 main storylines/gametypes which interweave into a bigger story , these heroes are ‘Hero’ , ‘Princess’ , ‘Evil Lord’ and ‘Knight’…

Story (Hero 30) : So theres always some asshat who is trying to destroy the world and in this game they have worked out a spell which dooms the world in 30 seconds , Hero saves the world with the help of the time goddess
Story (Evil Lord 30) : He thinks he’s pretty or some shit so he wants botux to make him more pretty? In 30 seconds? or something? [didnt really pay much attention to this story]Story (Princess 30) : trying to save her cursed father by finding a cure , however guards wont let her leave the castle for more than 30 seconds so she has to go out and find stuff and be back in 30 secs.
Story (Knight 30) : Ressurrected from the dead by a sage , he protects the sage as she casts her end the darkness spell in 30 seconds – they journey to ressurect the hero for the final battle….

Gameplay (hero) : Essentially plays out like a miniture final fantasy 3 , You have to go to villages , talk to people , complete a miniquest , grind to level up on random encounters (which are played out automatically) and you can buy equipment and herbs and shit and then you go to fight the boss and hopefully kill him before time runs out.
Gameplay (Evil lord) : Small scale RTS , he summons 3 types of monsters and they each trump a certain type of enemy , you then have to complete the objective by summoning monsters and stuff.
Gameplay (Princess) : Shooting game , the princess sprays out arrows and shit and has to find.. shit.
gameplay (Knight) : Evasion? i … guess? Have to protect the sage as she casts and shit kinda just tries to kill you.

The graphics are pretty amazing across all the gametypes , and by amazing i mean everything is just giant pixels and stuff which i think looks really cool but to each their own i suppose.

Overall : Really fun game with a fair amount of replayability , each of the gametypes have 30 levels or so – although the only one you’d really replay is Hero30. After you complete all 4 gametypes you unlock more – Hero 300 where you have to save the world in 5 minutes but on a much larger scale . and Hero 3 – which i havent unlocked yet but sounds mental.

5/5 if you’re getting it for free (i assume everyone has their PSP’s hacked?)
3/5 if you’re actually paying for it as its a little short

PS. It has the BEST title screen music ever

The chicken fiasco

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So i went to tesco after coming back from hertfordshire university (before i got the bus back home) , the chicken section all of my beloved ‘2 chicken breasts for £2’ were sold out , the alternatives were ‘3 giant chicken breasts for £6’ , ‘shitty little bits of chicken we chopped up because we think you’re too stupid to do so and we’re going to charge you extra for it!’ and a whole chicken for £3.50 which weighed as much as the 3 giant chicken breasts for £6 pack.

I did what any self respecting stupid person would do and i bought the whole chicken.
Oh my.

Got it back home and thought i’ll just cut it up into bits and we’ll be fine , spend 10 mins cutting it and save yourself £2.50 , easy peasy.
Unwrapped it , took the rope off it…
It smells :/
Ran it under the tap for a while , filled its ass with water etc etc.
Mkay , time to cut it…

My kitchen cleaver refused to cut the chicken.
I got out the knife sharpener and ran it through a few times…
Kitchen cleaver still refuses to penetrate the chicken’s skin , im starting to think I accidently bought some sort of impenetrable super chicken.
I tried the other knife in the kitchen , success! a small rip!
Crammed my fingers in there and ripped it open (not what i normally do , honest)

Mkay , so the skins off….
What the fuck do i do now.

I start hacking away at it , legs and wings first…

[heres a chicken! incase you guys have never seen one before , also pictured are knife sharpener and dual knives.)


Man… this is… not easy.

Meanwhile , in another part of the kitchen…

Coming back at 10pm , i was kinda hungry.
I thought id make myself some cous cous.


Unfortunately for some reason , i read the packet , saw ‘add 160ml boiling water’ and thought ‘ill add 320ml boiling water!’
Had to throw it away.

Back to the chicken , I eventually got it down to just the bulk of it , figured id slice it open…


It was only at this point i realised….
I dont even know what the fuck is edible here.
I cut what i could and then ended up boiling up all the remains so that i could eat the annoying clingy bits of meat which i couldnt remove from the bones.

Moral of the story? Buy the chicken fillets.

Trip to hertfordshire university

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So on the friday i left the comforts of my electronic filled house to go visit frances in hertfordshire.
The trip took around 5 or 6 hours (bus , coach , coach) and left me stuck outside a guardhouse which i wasnt allowed past because i had no ID. Bummer.

So after a phonecall and lovely reuinion and whatnot we headed into their bizarre campus. Multiple campuses with their stuff strewn everywhere.
The place she was living in was odd too , small segregated groups of 10 or so people to a kitchen with no common room , no TV’s , no mario kart…
Its also worth noting that there were a fair amount of black people living here , about infinityfold more than there were living in cryfield during my freshers year anyway.
Another thing was that there were no wardens around to bitch at people for being stupid/annoying/inconsiderate , inconsiderate nigger next door was playing  ridiculously loud music til like 3am every morning.
Final note is that their doors are all automatic locking with keycard entry system which isnt neccesarily a bad thing as such but it certainly makes it alot less fun in terms of pranking.

We took the bus to Watford , a fairly large town with a huge shopping complex , market and a shakeaway (we had a munchies milkshake , yum). We had to wait a fucking hour for the damned bus home to come – it was the last bus too so we spent the whole time wondering whether we had already missed it or not.
At night we went to ‘the forum’ which is their SU club thing , the event was propaganda which was advertised as an indie night , however either they (or I) dont understand what indie means, they were playing Deadmau5 , pendulum , blink182 , tenacious D…. In my head indie = kaiser chiefs , kings of leon , the killers….. so on. *shrugs* It was a good night though , the venue was massive! Also frances got tipsy on vodka and fanta which was quite entertaining.


I think we went to ASDA to go food shopping and then we went to hatfield town center , which is a complete joke – it was like 20 shops or so.
Cant remember what we did for the rest of the day but i do remember watching some South Park.

Nothing specific , just hanging out , talked to people in the kitchen for a bit..

Tuesday (today)
Again , nothing particuarly specific , I left midday for my epic journey home , ended up being 2 hours early for my megabus so walked around Victoria train station , had subway for lunch and then ended up playing some PSP (GTA chinatown wars for a bit and then lots of Half Minute Hero [review later] )
Got back to coventry at last and went shopping where i made a massive error of judgement and bought a whole chicken [more on this later]

Champions Online (weekend trial)

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So obviously i started by trying to make a seriousish character… Ended up with this badass guy , dual sword / fist spec.


I then thought id go see some of the other hero possibilities….



I guess its safe to say champions online caters fully for anyone wanting to have a half shark/dinosaur/butterfly hybrid character.

Heres another guy i made , trying to go as gundam/Iron man as possible…


Thought id try a chick next..


And then best for last…


Heres a shot of me ingame..incase you was wondering what the HUD and stuff looks like…


And then some random action shots of me going from level 1-5


Overall… Mediocre MMO , didnt grip me as much as WoW did. I do like the character customization available though , selecting what skills you learn and stuff is pretty cool. And getting a travel power at level 5 is awesome , none of this waiting until level 40 to get a mount shit.