Champions Online (weekend trial)

So obviously i started by trying to make a seriousish character… Ended up with this badass guy , dual sword / fist spec.


I then thought id go see some of the other hero possibilities….



I guess its safe to say champions online caters fully for anyone wanting to have a half shark/dinosaur/butterfly hybrid character.

Heres another guy i made , trying to go as gundam/Iron man as possible…


Thought id try a chick next..


And then best for last…


Heres a shot of me ingame..incase you was wondering what the HUD and stuff looks like…


And then some random action shots of me going from level 1-5


Overall… Mediocre MMO , didnt grip me as much as WoW did. I do like the character customization available though , selecting what skills you learn and stuff is pretty cool. And getting a travel power at level 5 is awesome , none of this waiting until level 40 to get a mount shit.