Trip to hertfordshire university

So on the friday i left the comforts of my electronic filled house to go visit frances in hertfordshire.
The trip took around 5 or 6 hours (bus , coach , coach) and left me stuck outside a guardhouse which i wasnt allowed past because i had no ID. Bummer.

So after a phonecall and lovely reuinion and whatnot we headed into their bizarre campus. Multiple campuses with their stuff strewn everywhere.
The place she was living in was odd too , small segregated groups of 10 or so people to a kitchen with no common room , no TV’s , no mario kart…
Its also worth noting that there were a fair amount of black people living here , about infinityfold more than there were living in cryfield during my freshers year anyway.
Another thing was that there were no wardens around to bitch at people for being stupid/annoying/inconsiderate , inconsiderate nigger next door was playing  ridiculously loud music til like 3am every morning.
Final note is that their doors are all automatic locking with keycard entry system which isnt neccesarily a bad thing as such but it certainly makes it alot less fun in terms of pranking.

We took the bus to Watford , a fairly large town with a huge shopping complex , market and a shakeaway (we had a munchies milkshake , yum). We had to wait a fucking hour for the damned bus home to come – it was the last bus too so we spent the whole time wondering whether we had already missed it or not.
At night we went to ‘the forum’ which is their SU club thing , the event was propaganda which was advertised as an indie night , however either they (or I) dont understand what indie means, they were playing Deadmau5 , pendulum , blink182 , tenacious D…. In my head indie = kaiser chiefs , kings of leon , the killers….. so on. *shrugs* It was a good night though , the venue was massive! Also frances got tipsy on vodka and fanta which was quite entertaining.


I think we went to ASDA to go food shopping and then we went to hatfield town center , which is a complete joke – it was like 20 shops or so.
Cant remember what we did for the rest of the day but i do remember watching some South Park.

Nothing specific , just hanging out , talked to people in the kitchen for a bit..

Tuesday (today)
Again , nothing particuarly specific , I left midday for my epic journey home , ended up being 2 hours early for my megabus so walked around Victoria train station , had subway for lunch and then ended up playing some PSP (GTA chinatown wars for a bit and then lots of Half Minute Hero [review later] )
Got back to coventry at last and went shopping where i made a massive error of judgement and bought a whole chicken [more on this later]