Half minute hero Review (PSP)

So half minute hero consists of 4 main storylines/gametypes which interweave into a bigger story , these heroes are ‘Hero’ , ‘Princess’ , ‘Evil Lord’ and ‘Knight’…

Story (Hero 30) : So theres always some asshat who is trying to destroy the world and in this game they have worked out a spell which dooms the world in 30 seconds , Hero saves the world with the help of the time goddess
Story (Evil Lord 30) : He thinks he’s pretty or some shit so he wants botux to make him more pretty? In 30 seconds? or something? [didnt really pay much attention to this story]Story (Princess 30) : trying to save her cursed father by finding a cure , however guards wont let her leave the castle for more than 30 seconds so she has to go out and find stuff and be back in 30 secs.
Story (Knight 30) : Ressurrected from the dead by a sage , he protects the sage as she casts her end the darkness spell in 30 seconds – they journey to ressurect the hero for the final battle….

Gameplay (hero) : Essentially plays out like a miniture final fantasy 3 , You have to go to villages , talk to people , complete a miniquest , grind to level up on random encounters (which are played out automatically) and you can buy equipment and herbs and shit and then you go to fight the boss and hopefully kill him before time runs out.
Gameplay (Evil lord) : Small scale RTS , he summons 3 types of monsters and they each trump a certain type of enemy , you then have to complete the objective by summoning monsters and stuff.
Gameplay (Princess) : Shooting game , the princess sprays out arrows and shit and has to find.. shit.
gameplay (Knight) : Evasion? i … guess? Have to protect the sage as she casts and shit kinda just tries to kill you.

The graphics are pretty amazing across all the gametypes , and by amazing i mean everything is just giant pixels and stuff which i think looks really cool but to each their own i suppose.

Overall : Really fun game with a fair amount of replayability , each of the gametypes have 30 levels or so – although the only one you’d really replay is Hero30. After you complete all 4 gametypes you unlock more – Hero 300 where you have to save the world in 5 minutes but on a much larger scale . and Hero 3 – which i havent unlocked yet but sounds mental.

5/5 if you’re getting it for free (i assume everyone has their PSP’s hacked?)
3/5 if you’re actually paying for it as its a little short

PS. It has the BEST title screen music ever