Whoops. Neglected.

Sorry i havent updated in a while , just havent really had much to report.

Summary of things which has happened in the past week….

My BFG 8800GTS 512 exploded on me , I have since had to deal with tech support emails and paid almost £7 to send it off to their tech support warehouse thing in wales , im yet to recieve a replacement card or any emails on the matter further but they at least acknowledge they recieved it. (I also replaced it with a 6800 Ultra)

After much messing around I made a start on my essay , this only happened yesterday though so at the moment its looking really shit and is just under 500 words , only 2500 more to go.

Ive been primarily playing Modern Warfare 2 on the 360 since my PC died on me , Im almost at Act III on Veteran on the campaign and am level 15 in the multiplayer , currently im really really shit at it however i blame the fact that our TV isnt dat HD and i cant ever see people.

I went home last weekend to visit family , along with going shopping , going to dimsum and setting up some cupboards to store shoes in , we ended up watching ‘2012’ which was pretty much ‘day after tomorrow’ but with better graphics and a black guy for a president. My dad had an operation on his parathyroid glands (in his neck) on the monday , the operation was a success from what i gather and he is now stable in a hospital bed but cannot talk properly yet.

This is all i can think to mention at current , will try to blog more but I feel like i have so little time recently juggling work and games that I cant really seem to find anything to rant about or anything intresting enough to properly blog.

Oh. Also , some pictures from my phone….

^Depressing picture of desk whilst trying to research helicopter bacteria

^Picture of the sleeping pod in the library

^Human buckaroo

^we also built a fort

And finally theres this guy.