Bored Games

So over the past few days we thought we’d try some drinking board games. First night we played ‘Risk’ which ive personally never played before. Its pretty much some sort of global domination game which is sort of 30% tictacs 70% lucky dice rolls for attack/defense. 4 of us played , luke died first because we basically all raped him and he kept rolling 1’s , duncan on the other hand was doing very well after starting the game in somalia – his black counters filled the board almost achieving world domination , he took over africa , south america and all of europe. At this point me and ian decided we’d have to make an alliance to stop the evil black counters , i posessed all of asia and russia (whites) , this gave a huge reinforcement boost , ian (blue) was being invaded at north america and he had australia. But we eventually pulled through using trump cards and so on to reinforce massively and taking out his stronghold in somalia.
Just as it was in southpark , race war? whites win!


We also played rude word scrabble last night , double points for rude/offensive/awesome words.

y2img-0049Unfortunately the picture came out a bit shit :<
noteworthy words…
Penis , Queef (Urbandictionary it if you need to) , fag , rape , jew , tosser and the game winning word….
‘nig bender in catz’ which went over a triple word square , double points for being awesome and alot of points for being fucking humongous.