Stuck in Bluewater

Monday 28thNothing really happened , spent most of the day playing DJhero or some other shit i think , made some amazing characters to show anony sometime. Tuesday 29thWe decided to go to bluewater for the sales , of course … Read More

Dimsum in London

Sunday 27thWent to chinatown for dimsum and then we ended up shopping around covent garden for a while afterwards , I ended up buying a new coat from Breed – which is apparently a designer make sorta thing owned by … Read More

Blood Test

So i went to the doctors a few days ago to get a blood test , today my mum went to the hospital , confidence’d the guards and waltz into the staff area of the hospital she used to work … Read More

Christmas Day

Christmas day for us is generally the same every year without fail , waking up at 8 or 9 , opening presents together in front of the tree , playing with said presents and then going off to grandparents for … Read More

Series of unsavoury events

MondayForced to go to the dental hygenist by mum , its essentially a voluntary pressure washing/buffer-wheeling of your teeth by an angry old woman.After getting home to look at my bleeding gums and shit i notice what looks like a … Read More


One can easily forget sometimes that wikipedia isnt actually written by top scientists or anything of the sort , almost all articles are up for editing meaning the 200 words you just stole for your coursework could very easily have … Read More

Global Agenda

Not sure if its the epic sounding music or the guy commentating it sounds like a movie trailer voice guy or whether the game actually just looks good , but this looks intresting.Heres to hoping it’ll be affordable (but i … Read More