Stuck in Bluewater

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Monday 28th
Nothing really happened , spent most of the day playing DJhero or some other shit i think , made some amazing characters to show anony sometime.

Tuesday 29th
We decided to go to bluewater for the sales , of course about 10,000 other people were thinking the same thing , the result was pretty much no parking spaces and then once you’re in , you’re in for the long haul.
After shopping we tried to leave at 3pm or so , we got in the car and realised there was a giant queue to leave the car park… the queue wasnt moving…
We decided to go back in to shop for a bit, took a mental note of a silver jeep just outside of the door caught in the traffic…
An hour later we decide to try and leave again , the silver jeep is still in the same spot , it hasnt moved at all. The driver of the silver jeep loses his shit and starts wailing on his horn for a constant few minutes , we decide to leave and come back later again.
We discover a winter wonderland funfair style thing outside bluewater , its all lit up and looking rather pretty.


We go back to check the car park.
Silver jeep….. IS STILL THERE!?
Back inside , fell asleep on a bench for a while whilst mum looked around john lewis.
At 6pm we went back to the car park and the silver jeep had finally gone , the traffic was slowly moving now and a small army of traffic wavers had appeared , We managed to go home at last.

Our hearts go out to the silver jeep who was there for at least 2 hours and couldnt leave his car because he was in the middle of a narrow road

Dimsum in London

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Sunday 27th
Went to chinatown for dimsum and then we ended up shopping around covent garden for a while afterwards , I ended up buying a new coat from Breed – which is apparently a designer make sorta thing owned by superdry , never really heard of it though. Convinced my mum to go to trocedero afterwards so i could play some more DJmax Technika , it has such a beasty cabinet , you cant see it in the picture below but you can feel the bass pumping through the floor platform bit whilst you play , also supports IC card for saving your profile/data and stuff.

While im putting pictures up , piccadily circus was nicely lit up too.


Blood Test

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So i went to the doctors a few days ago to get a blood test , today my mum went to the hospital , confidence’d the guards and waltz into the staff area of the hospital she used to work at , she then went to her old ward and just went behind the main desk and started using the computer to check the pathology section of the intraweb.

According to the blood test results , everything of mine seems to be fine but im low on white blood cells (neutrophils in particular) and platelets (the things which let your blood clot)
I thought id try and check google to see if theres anything in particular I can try and eat to boost my WBC’s or platelets , unfortunately there doesnt seem to be any simple dietary fix.
The best advice i managed to find was ‘Try to avoid injurying yourself’
Fucking fantastic. thanks google
Ill have to make some major lifestyle changes there , im pretty much just throwng myself into rough looking walls and piles of glass currently.

Oh. in other news , i just ordered some £70 5.1 surround speakers since im fed up of having a sound card worth £65 and speakers worth approximately £8
Went with the Creative Inspire T6200 , gotta be reppin’ dat Creative , ive got 3 creative mp3 players a headset and a soundcard so i figure i may as well get speakers to match.

Christmas Day

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Christmas day for us is generally the same every year without fail , waking up at 8 or 9 , opening presents together in front of the tree , playing with said presents and then going off to grandparents for food , gambling and possibly board games. This year though the family all went to my uncles house , he had a 360 , so we ended up playing that as well – Got my ass handed to me at Soul Calibur , but I guess its to be expected since he taught me how to play.

Presents recieved this year included around £80 cash and the items in the photo below


May be hard to see, but theres some socks in there , an electric toothbrush , comfy slippers , duvet cover , stylized ice cube tray , and an electric heated mattress covery thing,  I also got a shirt , a coat but may return it and a wallet.

Christmas Eve 09 – Winter wonderland

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So met up with Frances and we went to London , ended up going to camden to look for a coat for her , they recently have redone the place actually , looks really nice now , and lots of food! it was like being back in Malaysia or something


On the way to the station to leave we saw a random llama , which was… odd…
Didnt get a very good picture of it..


From here went to piccadily circus to look for a HMV or a game or something so i could buy a game , mum wanted to buy NFS:Shift for the uncle but the cheapest we could find it was £40 which is ridiculous.
They have a DJmax Technika machine at the trocedero! :O
The game is harsh in its life bar , few note misses and its game over with no continues. I lost £1 in about 5 seconds from being cocky and practically putting it on hard mode on my first go, played again and got to experience it properly , its a really fun game although the touchscreen can be a little insensitive at times (heres a demo vid of someone actually good at the game playing – )

We then went to check out the winter wonderland display thing in London hyde park , it was free to enter and look around but all of the food and drink and rides and such were really extortionately priced (£2.50 for a fanta/coke? wut?) Big german market and lots of nice things to look at with christmas music playing , would be awesome if you’re feeling like you have abit too much money.

Was feeling thirsty afterwards and wasnt going to pay £2.50 for a drink so we decided to walk around knightsbridge a little , and accidently stumbled into harrods so we went in to take a look at the ridiculously priced cheeses and shit. Ended up buying some crazy french orangeade from there for £1.25 for 330ml , which wasnt too bad. The drink was actually really nice as well – i suspect they laced it with some form of cocaine.


Series of unsavoury events

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Forced to go to the dental hygenist by mum , its essentially a voluntary pressure washing/buffer-wheeling of your teeth by an angry old woman.
After getting home to look at my bleeding gums and shit i notice what looks like a cavity on one of my teeth…

Dentist again , this time for a filling , 2 needles to the gums and a lot of drilling later and its fixed

Doctors appointment to check a lump on my head and to ask for tests because of that nightclub episode i had.
Results in having to go to get a blood test , yet another needle , he takes 3 vials of my blood :<
Come back home and try to play some MW2 , get thrown in to a spawn killing 18 player rust TDM and a match where their team constantly had an AC130 spawn killing us all , as a result ye old KDR has dropped , brilliant.

Ive also done next to none of my stupidass essay , nor do I see myself being able to do much of it anytime soon because its so much bullshit.
If tomorrow isnt a better day then so help me.

Batshit insane dream , black people stealing my windowframe and I accidently grab an ass

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So from what i remember , im going to a party at the girls house but some of my housemates decide to come later, so me and i assume some other people went first. When i reached this party though it was all people from warren . aaron brown tries to do some sort of weird thing trying to stroke my chest on the inside just by putting his hand flat on my chest, then natalie comes along and… started nibbling my fingertips or something? This freaked me the fuck out so i went to hide behind and talk to jodie , rosemary and charlotte (charlotte whom i dont think ive ever really even talked to before) , daniel godfrey and someone else whom i assumed was josh fowler was next to me. Talked to the girls a little and daniel says ‘here to grab some ass eh?’ , “oooh yeah, you know me , love that ass.” i reply, as i go to grab josh’s ass , what i feel however is a very firm smooth ass and the drapes of a skirt , oh fuck – I turn to see whose ass i just grabbed and its lynsey cartwright’s , she’s wearing a very very short skirt (note: dont think ive ever really talked to lynsey either , how inappropriate.).

So i return back home (to my Essex home) and am reminded that i live with idiots ,someone had left the TV on and the 360 on (displaying what appears to be the prototype loading screen) , I turn them off and notice that someone has also left the large front window open , and there is a 6ft black guy standing just outside examining the open window. I walk over and slowly shut the window, black guy does not look happy… I go tell my dad what just happened. Looking through the frosty glass at my door , the black guy has gone back to his truck of black guys and has started setting up this giant  looking thing called the ‘Flymo unlocker’ , looks alot like those things they use to clean the ice at ice rinks, but bright orange. I go grab the rounders bat from my room just incase. Few minutes later i go back to the lounge and the black guy is looking into the house through the OPEN window again , what the fuck. He tells me to chill out and points at the windows , upon closer inspection the windowframe and panels are all new – I start to wonder if i was wrong about these guys , maybe they’re like pimp my ride but for windows? I wave at the 8 black guys in the giant lorry outside my house and they drive off. I soon start to get suspicious however , i go outside and try moving the windowframe – it comes straight off! its not even secured on!

I panic and go tell my dad, it is at this point while we are talking that a red pimped out humvee appears outside our window , we black out the house and watch what they’re saying , looks like old guys inside…
One of them takes out a gun and shoots through the window…

NINJAs are all over the fucking place in my house , using curved swords and shit , armed police burst in and war occurs.
After the battle everyone calms down… I examine one of the ninja swords… its blunt.. I ask the old looking emperor looking guy sitting in my lounge what is going on and he tells me he there will now be a vote on whether or not i can join their ‘evil but sweet’ group (actual words , no joke.)

Unfortunately at this point , my alarm goes off.
An entire world gone in an instant. What a weird fucking dream.


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One can easily forget sometimes that wikipedia isnt actually written by top scientists or anything of the sort , almost all articles are up for editing meaning the 200 words you just stole for your coursework could very easily have been written by a 14 year old crackhead with down syndrome. Case in point.


Tribute to the best christmas film ever.

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A christmas comedy featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger? The fuck are you waiting for?

Ive lost count of how many times ive seen this film , theres something very special about seeing arnie uppercut a reindeer or get into a fight with a small army of santas.

2nd and 3rd place go to ‘Muppet christmas carol’ and ‘Nightmare before christmas’ , both awesome but a lack of arnie is their downfall

Global Agenda

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Not sure if its the epic sounding music or the guy commentating it sounds like a movie trailer voice guy or whether the game actually just looks good , but this looks intresting.
Heres to hoping it’ll be affordable (but i wont hold my breath)

Not your everyday burger

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So went to gourmet burger kitchen last night whilst going shopping with the parents , Its basically a place that does really big fancy burger and chips , after glancing down the menu I noticed ‘others’…
Buffalo (yes , buffalo!) £9.99
Wild Boar £9.25

The (yes, buffalo!) was actually on the menu by the way , Figured its not every day you get to try buffalo or wild boar so ordered it , or well my brother got one and i got the other then we just cut them in half. The place is pretty expensive though , £3 for a portion of chips , which comes in a coffee mug style thing – pretty damn nice though i have to say.


So there it is , Wild boar burger on the left , Buffalo on the right
Unfortunately , they both taste like beef , although buffalo is meat is very very soft which was nice.

Thats 2 more animals I can cross off my ‘To Eat’ list

Back to the ghetto

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Am now back in Essex , got back yesterday after a 2 and a half hour drive down from leamington , thought id hook up my PC to the downstairs 42″ TV to watch ‘Up’ , which ive wanted to see for ages but missed it in cinema and such so had that nize blu-ray rip playing on the massive screen with surround sound amplified by my X-Fi sound card , the bit with the thunder was ridiculous , actually proper thundered with the bass.
Film was actually pretty sad , didn’t quite cry but i can see why some people would , overall though the film was absoloutely amazing , beautiful graphics and great storytelling with a decent amount of humour , not hard to see why it got so many awards and such , 10/10 fo sho.

The rest of the day i spent on the 360 , playing some MW2 , brother also borrowed orange box off one of his friends so i thought id try and speedrun that too , also borrowed prototype from duncan so have been playing that some as well. Theres apparently an infinite ammo glitch on 360 MW2 which basically makes you not have to reload or anything , resulting in machinegunfired grenades from grenade launchers D: , Havent seen it myself yet but it sounds ridiculous.

Don’t wobble my heart // Movies // GTS250

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First off , made the jelly heart using raspberry jelly…

pretty nize.

In other news , Frances came over for the weekend , she was around from thursday and i just got back from taking her to the busstop to go back home – Which i guess is why there hasnt been any twitter updates recently.
To pass time we ended up watching ‘500 days of summer’ and ‘zombieland’ , I also downloaded ‘Ninja Blade’ and ‘Left 4 Dead 2’ for PC to try out.

500 Days of summer
Its essentially a super artsy kinda tragic romance story , essentially guy falls in love with girl who is a little bit weird and then she just one day decides she doesnt like him anymore and he turns really miserable.
The film overall is pretty so-so , its a girly film so I wouldnt really be expecting any guy to be watching it unless their GF talks them into it. Its not horrible though and sort of watchable , definately not as bad as the notebook or some other shitpile film like that.

Another film suggested by Frances , its pretty much the story about 4 survivors in a 28 days later sort of world. 1 of them is a pussy , 2 con-artist girls that think they’re hard , and pretty much stone cold steve austin with guns who just goes around Frank westin‘ zombies up. The film doesnt really have any major plot , they just travel from place to place and exist but its sort of entertaining I guess , almost a comedy?

Oh, also, Ive mentioned it in my twitter but…
Got my new graphics card in the mail on Friday morning

y2img-0062Its a new looking BFG GTS250 1gb OC , the card above is the £20 card i got as a replacement.
The card seems to have a few issues with heat , the fan on it doesnt seem to autoramp with temperature which is sort of weird. I think i perhaps need more casefans since I currently only have 1 exaust 120mm fan , Maybe ill get another 2 120mm fans… Shame they’re like £8 each.
The card seems to run COD:MW2 fine @ 1920×1200 with everything max and 2x AA , also runs L4D2 fine at everything max.
I get the feeling the extra video memory is useful for me with my 24″ monitor , my old card was only 512mb.

Anywho , i think i may go and kill some demomen to make sure the soldier gets the new unlock

Paintball Pictures- 5th Dec

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We went as the santa crew , Before picture

After pictures

Neccesary ‘we’re so fuckin gangsta’ pic

Got shot quite a few times this paintball outing (compared to not getting shot at all last time) , I dont think the weather conditions helped , it had been raining the past… week… or something silly so the ground was muddy as hell , you pretty much couldnt even run without sliding and falling over. Compare with the before and 1st after shot , duncans trousers or general front (3rd from left in before shot , 2nd from left in after shot) , thats what happens when you go prone on a very muddy field – i also think he crawled through a small pond at some point. Good stuff though , and i managed to only use 200 paintballs in total (so £20 overall including travel and a free lunch) which isnt too bad

Jelly brain

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So a few days ago i told ye about how i got some jelly moulds for secret santa?
Made it yesterday , a lovely 2 tone green on the inside , red on the outside as well :)

It was gone within 2 hours , approx 2 pints worth.
Devoured inbetween rounds of mario kart :P

Secret Santa

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So today was our university christmas essentially , Ian cooked us roast dinner and the girls came over with desserts and stuff , we had our big dinner , opened secret santa presents and then watched ‘Bad Santa’ which was a bit shit if im honest , would have much rather watched Jingle All the Way or Muppet christmas Carol but ah well.
Secret santa presents were lol , sonal got biscuit dicks , adam got a pokeball and a MW2 shirt , ed got a MW2 official guide thing with mad strats , luke got a shirt , annie got a watch and some other stuff , elaine got a hot water bottle and a mug , aggie got a necklace , ian got some southern comfort , duncan got an inflatable cock and a toad keyring thingy , christina got a hat and gloves…
Emma – who i had to buy for – got a scarf , a squidgie face stressball thingy and a 40p ninja double DVD (note however that the DVD i got had 2 films on 1 disk)

Annie got me for secret santa… the price range was £5-15 , she got me….


The jelly moulds are actually pretty cool and unique , ive never seen anything like them before , Im still not really sure how to go about actually getting the jelly to set in them , they dont really balance in the fridge , Ian says apparently the suction should keep it on a plate or something but if im honest i dont trust that at all.
The toe socks are…. different… big long and in rather bright gay colours,  and as you can see they show off my long toes rather well which is kinda creepy…

other pictures….

y2img-0051^This is what £17 gets you turkey wise

y2img-0055^Ian and luke cooking xmas dinner , stuffing , parsnips, carrots, sprouts , potatoes….. Y’know.. the usual. The turkey gravy was soooooo good.
The girls brought over a TON of desserts too but i forgot to take a picture of that.

Oh, i dont think ive posted a picture of our tree yet…


Oh, we also had a fire going in our lounge for a little bit , then the trial version jewed us over and demanded we paid 240 MS points for it.



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So friday night after a normal day , everyone decides to go to crash , little bit of pre-drinking , took the bus to campus , needed to desperately piss etc etc etc.
The place was pretty damn empty for a club , so we went downstairs and got some drinks and just sat around talking for a while.
Eventually went back upstairs to the dance floor but it was still pretty empty so we were still just standing around , I started to feel a little weird… Kinda like there was lag between thinking ‘move your arm’ and there being any actual action , or like i was out of sync with my body or something , i assumed it was just alcohol or something though.
2 minutes later , leaning against a pillar typing out a text message and i start to feel really dizzy , my vision started turning to black and white and all film grainy…..

I slowly open my eyes , there is a first aider in my face shouting at me , its like one of those scenes in call of duty where all the sound suddenly starts to become clearer…
He helped me up and we went into the stairwell , apparently.. I passed out. Duncan handed me back my phone which… i have no idea how he got , i guess i just dropped it on the floor or something.

Spent the next 15 mins trying to work out whats going on , the first aider took down some details and got me some water , i tried leaning against the sloped wall in the stairwell.

I slowly open my eyes , there is a first aider in my face shouting at me…. again. What the fuck?
Apparently i just passed out.. again. Im so confused at this point.
he tells me to lay down and calls an ambulance without my consent.
We end up talking about crap for ages before the paramedics show up , one angry oldish lady and a girl about my age , they take me back to the ambulance for examination.

Ive never been in an ambulance before , they has lots of gadgets and shit in there… They start asking questions , the young girl stabs my finger and steals my blood for examination while some other dude checks my pulse, they start asking more questions , “are you allergic to anything?” – “uhhh… i dunno… cats i guess?” – They wrote it down.
I am informed my blood sugar level is low , the normal level is around 5.0 , I was at 3.8 , nice.
We talked for a while whilst they were filling out this huge scale form , poor paramedics were working from 6pm to 6am and the young girl is apparently the same age as me.
Eventually they finished typing and attached the laptop to the wall and it started printing , I am now the proud owner of a 4page long single sheet scroll which basically says im allergic to cats and a detailed analysis of my vitals.
Went outside and my housemates had a snickers for me and we went home , given a lift from one of the girls from girlhouse. Im glad i have such good friends here.