So friday night after a normal day , everyone decides to go to crash , little bit of pre-drinking , took the bus to campus , needed to desperately piss etc etc etc.
The place was pretty damn empty for a club , so we went downstairs and got some drinks and just sat around talking for a while.
Eventually went back upstairs to the dance floor but it was still pretty empty so we were still just standing around , I started to feel a little weird… Kinda like there was lag between thinking ‘move your arm’ and there being any actual action , or like i was out of sync with my body or something , i assumed it was just alcohol or something though.
2 minutes later , leaning against a pillar typing out a text message and i start to feel really dizzy , my vision started turning to black and white and all film grainy…..

I slowly open my eyes , there is a first aider in my face shouting at me , its like one of those scenes in call of duty where all the sound suddenly starts to become clearer…
He helped me up and we went into the stairwell , apparently.. I passed out. Duncan handed me back my phone which… i have no idea how he got , i guess i just dropped it on the floor or something.

Spent the next 15 mins trying to work out whats going on , the first aider took down some details and got me some water , i tried leaning against the sloped wall in the stairwell.

I slowly open my eyes , there is a first aider in my face shouting at me…. again. What the fuck?
Apparently i just passed out.. again. Im so confused at this point.
he tells me to lay down and calls an ambulance without my consent.
We end up talking about crap for ages before the paramedics show up , one angry oldish lady and a girl about my age , they take me back to the ambulance for examination.

Ive never been in an ambulance before , they has lots of gadgets and shit in there… They start asking questions , the young girl stabs my finger and steals my blood for examination while some other dude checks my pulse, they start asking more questions , “are you allergic to anything?” – “uhhh… i dunno… cats i guess?” – They wrote it down.
I am informed my blood sugar level is low , the normal level is around 5.0 , I was at 3.8 , nice.
We talked for a while whilst they were filling out this huge scale form , poor paramedics were working from 6pm to 6am and the young girl is apparently the same age as me.
Eventually they finished typing and attached the laptop to the wall and it started printing , I am now the proud owner of a 4page long single sheet scroll which basically says im allergic to cats and a detailed analysis of my vitals.
Went outside and my housemates had a snickers for me and we went home , given a lift from one of the girls from girlhouse. Im glad i have such good friends here.