Secret Santa

So today was our university christmas essentially , Ian cooked us roast dinner and the girls came over with desserts and stuff , we had our big dinner , opened secret santa presents and then watched ‘Bad Santa’ which was a bit shit if im honest , would have much rather watched Jingle All the Way or Muppet christmas Carol but ah well.
Secret santa presents were lol , sonal got biscuit dicks , adam got a pokeball and a MW2 shirt , ed got a MW2 official guide thing with mad strats , luke got a shirt , annie got a watch and some other stuff , elaine got a hot water bottle and a mug , aggie got a necklace , ian got some southern comfort , duncan got an inflatable cock and a toad keyring thingy , christina got a hat and gloves…
Emma – who i had to buy for – got a scarf , a squidgie face stressball thingy and a 40p ninja double DVD (note however that the DVD i got had 2 films on 1 disk)

Annie got me for secret santa… the price range was £5-15 , she got me….


The jelly moulds are actually pretty cool and unique , ive never seen anything like them before , Im still not really sure how to go about actually getting the jelly to set in them , they dont really balance in the fridge , Ian says apparently the suction should keep it on a plate or something but if im honest i dont trust that at all.
The toe socks are…. different… big long and in rather bright gay colours,  and as you can see they show off my long toes rather well which is kinda creepy…

other pictures….

y2img-0051^This is what £17 gets you turkey wise

y2img-0055^Ian and luke cooking xmas dinner , stuffing , parsnips, carrots, sprouts , potatoes….. Y’know.. the usual. The turkey gravy was soooooo good.
The girls brought over a TON of desserts too but i forgot to take a picture of that.

Oh, i dont think ive posted a picture of our tree yet…


Oh, we also had a fire going in our lounge for a little bit , then the trial version jewed us over and demanded we paid 240 MS points for it.