Paintball Pictures- 5th Dec

We went as the santa crew , Before picture

After pictures

Neccesary ‘we’re so fuckin gangsta’ pic

Got shot quite a few times this paintball outing (compared to not getting shot at all last time) , I dont think the weather conditions helped , it had been raining the past… week… or something silly so the ground was muddy as hell , you pretty much couldnt even run without sliding and falling over. Compare with the before and 1st after shot , duncans trousers or general front (3rd from left in before shot , 2nd from left in after shot) , thats what happens when you go prone on a very muddy field – i also think he crawled through a small pond at some point. Good stuff though , and i managed to only use 200 paintballs in total (so £20 overall including travel and a free lunch) which isnt too bad