Don’t wobble my heart // Movies // GTS250

First off , made the jelly heart using raspberry jelly…

pretty nize.

In other news , Frances came over for the weekend , she was around from thursday and i just got back from taking her to the busstop to go back home – Which i guess is why there hasnt been any twitter updates recently.
To pass time we ended up watching ‘500 days of summer’ and ‘zombieland’ , I also downloaded ‘Ninja Blade’ and ‘Left 4 Dead 2’ for PC to try out.

500 Days of summer
Its essentially a super artsy kinda tragic romance story , essentially guy falls in love with girl who is a little bit weird and then she just one day decides she doesnt like him anymore and he turns really miserable.
The film overall is pretty so-so , its a girly film so I wouldnt really be expecting any guy to be watching it unless their GF talks them into it. Its not horrible though and sort of watchable , definately not as bad as the notebook or some other shitpile film like that.

Another film suggested by Frances , its pretty much the story about 4 survivors in a 28 days later sort of world. 1 of them is a pussy , 2 con-artist girls that think they’re hard , and pretty much stone cold steve austin with guns who just goes around Frank westin‘ zombies up. The film doesnt really have any major plot , they just travel from place to place and exist but its sort of entertaining I guess , almost a comedy?

Oh, also, Ive mentioned it in my twitter but…
Got my new graphics card in the mail on Friday morning

y2img-0062Its a new looking BFG GTS250 1gb OC , the card above is the £20 card i got as a replacement.
The card seems to have a few issues with heat , the fan on it doesnt seem to autoramp with temperature which is sort of weird. I think i perhaps need more casefans since I currently only have 1 exaust 120mm fan , Maybe ill get another 2 120mm fans… Shame they’re like £8 each.
The card seems to run COD:MW2 fine @ 1920×1200 with everything max and 2x AA , also runs L4D2 fine at everything max.
I get the feeling the extra video memory is useful for me with my 24″ monitor , my old card was only 512mb.

Anywho , i think i may go and kill some demomen to make sure the soldier gets the new unlock