Back to the ghetto

Am now back in Essex , got back yesterday after a 2 and a half hour drive down from leamington , thought id hook up my PC to the downstairs 42″ TV to watch ‘Up’ , which ive wanted to see for ages but missed it in cinema and such so had that nize blu-ray rip playing on the massive screen with surround sound amplified by my X-Fi sound card , the bit with the thunder was ridiculous , actually proper thundered with the bass.
Film was actually pretty sad , didn’t quite cry but i can see why some people would , overall though the film was absoloutely amazing , beautiful graphics and great storytelling with a decent amount of humour , not hard to see why it got so many awards and such , 10/10 fo sho.

The rest of the day i spent on the 360 , playing some MW2 , brother also borrowed orange box off one of his friends so i thought id try and speedrun that too , also borrowed prototype from duncan so have been playing that some as well. Theres apparently an infinite ammo glitch on 360 MW2 which basically makes you not have to reload or anything , resulting in machinegunfired grenades from grenade launchers D: , Havent seen it myself yet but it sounds ridiculous.