Not your everyday burger

So went to gourmet burger kitchen last night whilst going shopping with the parents , Its basically a place that does really big fancy burger and chips , after glancing down the menu I noticed ‘others’…
Buffalo (yes , buffalo!) £9.99
Wild Boar £9.25

The (yes, buffalo!) was actually on the menu by the way , Figured its not every day you get to try buffalo or wild boar so ordered it , or well my brother got one and i got the other then we just cut them in half. The place is pretty expensive though , £3 for a portion of chips , which comes in a coffee mug style thing – pretty damn nice though i have to say.


So there it is , Wild boar burger on the left , Buffalo on the right
Unfortunately , they both taste like beef , although buffalo is meat is very very soft which was nice.

Thats 2 more animals I can cross off my ‘To Eat’ list