Batshit insane dream , black people stealing my windowframe and I accidently grab an ass

So from what i remember , im going to a party at the girls house but some of my housemates decide to come later, so me and i assume some other people went first. When i reached this party though it was all people from warren . aaron brown tries to do some sort of weird thing trying to stroke my chest on the inside just by putting his hand flat on my chest, then natalie comes along and… started nibbling my fingertips or something? This freaked me the fuck out so i went to hide behind and talk to jodie , rosemary and charlotte (charlotte whom i dont think ive ever really even talked to before) , daniel godfrey and someone else whom i assumed was josh fowler was next to me. Talked to the girls a little and daniel says ‘here to grab some ass eh?’ , “oooh yeah, you know me , love that ass.” i reply, as i go to grab josh’s ass , what i feel however is a very firm smooth ass and the drapes of a skirt , oh fuck – I turn to see whose ass i just grabbed and its lynsey cartwright’s , she’s wearing a very very short skirt (note: dont think ive ever really talked to lynsey either , how inappropriate.).

So i return back home (to my Essex home) and am reminded that i live with idiots ,someone had left the TV on and the 360 on (displaying what appears to be the prototype loading screen) , I turn them off and notice that someone has also left the large front window open , and there is a 6ft black guy standing just outside examining the open window. I walk over and slowly shut the window, black guy does not look happy… I go tell my dad what just happened. Looking through the frosty glass at my door , the black guy has gone back to his truck of black guys and has started setting up this giant  looking thing called the ‘Flymo unlocker’ , looks alot like those things they use to clean the ice at ice rinks, but bright orange. I go grab the rounders bat from my room just incase. Few minutes later i go back to the lounge and the black guy is looking into the house through the OPEN window again , what the fuck. He tells me to chill out and points at the windows , upon closer inspection the windowframe and panels are all new – I start to wonder if i was wrong about these guys , maybe they’re like pimp my ride but for windows? I wave at the 8 black guys in the giant lorry outside my house and they drive off. I soon start to get suspicious however , i go outside and try moving the windowframe – it comes straight off! its not even secured on!

I panic and go tell my dad, it is at this point while we are talking that a red pimped out humvee appears outside our window , we black out the house and watch what they’re saying , looks like old guys inside…
One of them takes out a gun and shoots through the window…

NINJAs are all over the fucking place in my house , using curved swords and shit , armed police burst in and war occurs.
After the battle everyone calms down… I examine one of the ninja swords… its blunt.. I ask the old looking emperor looking guy sitting in my lounge what is going on and he tells me he there will now be a vote on whether or not i can join their ‘evil but sweet’ group (actual words , no joke.)

Unfortunately at this point , my alarm goes off.
An entire world gone in an instant. What a weird fucking dream.