Series of unsavoury events

Forced to go to the dental hygenist by mum , its essentially a voluntary pressure washing/buffer-wheeling of your teeth by an angry old woman.
After getting home to look at my bleeding gums and shit i notice what looks like a cavity on one of my teeth…

Dentist again , this time for a filling , 2 needles to the gums and a lot of drilling later and its fixed

Doctors appointment to check a lump on my head and to ask for tests because of that nightclub episode i had.
Results in having to go to get a blood test , yet another needle , he takes 3 vials of my blood :<
Come back home and try to play some MW2 , get thrown in to a spawn killing 18 player rust TDM and a match where their team constantly had an AC130 spawn killing us all , as a result ye old KDR has dropped , brilliant.

Ive also done next to none of my stupidass essay , nor do I see myself being able to do much of it anytime soon because its so much bullshit.
If tomorrow isnt a better day then so help me.