Christmas Eve 09 – Winter wonderland

So met up with Frances and we went to London , ended up going to camden to look for a coat for her , they recently have redone the place actually , looks really nice now , and lots of food! it was like being back in Malaysia or something


On the way to the station to leave we saw a random llama , which was… odd…
Didnt get a very good picture of it..


From here went to piccadily circus to look for a HMV or a game or something so i could buy a game , mum wanted to buy NFS:Shift for the uncle but the cheapest we could find it was £40 which is ridiculous.
They have a DJmax Technika machine at the trocedero! :O
The game is harsh in its life bar , few note misses and its game over with no continues. I lost £1 in about 5 seconds from being cocky and practically putting it on hard mode on my first go, played again and got to experience it properly , its a really fun game although the touchscreen can be a little insensitive at times (heres a demo vid of someone actually good at the game playing – )

We then went to check out the winter wonderland display thing in London hyde park , it was free to enter and look around but all of the food and drink and rides and such were really extortionately priced (£2.50 for a fanta/coke? wut?) Big german market and lots of nice things to look at with christmas music playing , would be awesome if you’re feeling like you have abit too much money.

Was feeling thirsty afterwards and wasnt going to pay £2.50 for a drink so we decided to walk around knightsbridge a little , and accidently stumbled into harrods so we went in to take a look at the ridiculously priced cheeses and shit. Ended up buying some crazy french orangeade from there for £1.25 for 330ml , which wasnt too bad. The drink was actually really nice as well – i suspect they laced it with some form of cocaine.