Christmas Day

Christmas day for us is generally the same every year without fail , waking up at 8 or 9 , opening presents together in front of the tree , playing with said presents and then going off to grandparents for food , gambling and possibly board games. This year though the family all went to my uncles house , he had a 360 , so we ended up playing that as well – Got my ass handed to me at Soul Calibur , but I guess its to be expected since he taught me how to play.

Presents recieved this year included around £80 cash and the items in the photo below


May be hard to see, but theres some socks in there , an electric toothbrush , comfy slippers , duvet cover , stylized ice cube tray , and an electric heated mattress covery thing,  I also got a shirt , a coat but may return it and a wallet.