Blood Test

So i went to the doctors a few days ago to get a blood test , today my mum went to the hospital , confidence’d the guards and waltz into the staff area of the hospital she used to work at , she then went to her old ward and just went behind the main desk and started using the computer to check the pathology section of the intraweb.

According to the blood test results , everything of mine seems to be fine but im low on white blood cells (neutrophils in particular) and platelets (the things which let your blood clot)
I thought id try and check google to see if theres anything in particular I can try and eat to boost my WBC’s or platelets , unfortunately there doesnt seem to be any simple dietary fix.
The best advice i managed to find was ‘Try to avoid injurying yourself’
Fucking fantastic. thanks google
Ill have to make some major lifestyle changes there , im pretty much just throwng myself into rough looking walls and piles of glass currently.

Oh. in other news , i just ordered some £70 5.1 surround speakers since im fed up of having a sound card worth £65 and speakers worth approximately £8
Went with the Creative Inspire T6200 , gotta be reppin’ dat Creative , ive got 3 creative mp3 players a headset and a soundcard so i figure i may as well get speakers to match.