Stuck in Bluewater

Monday 28th
Nothing really happened , spent most of the day playing DJhero or some other shit i think , made some amazing characters to show anony sometime.

Tuesday 29th
We decided to go to bluewater for the sales , of course about 10,000 other people were thinking the same thing , the result was pretty much no parking spaces and then once you’re in , you’re in for the long haul.
After shopping we tried to leave at 3pm or so , we got in the car and realised there was a giant queue to leave the car park… the queue wasnt moving…
We decided to go back in to shop for a bit, took a mental note of a silver jeep just outside of the door caught in the traffic…
An hour later we decide to try and leave again , the silver jeep is still in the same spot , it hasnt moved at all. The driver of the silver jeep loses his shit and starts wailing on his horn for a constant few minutes , we decide to leave and come back later again.
We discover a winter wonderland funfair style thing outside bluewater , its all lit up and looking rather pretty.


We go back to check the car park.
Silver jeep….. IS STILL THERE!?
Back inside , fell asleep on a bench for a while whilst mum looked around john lewis.
At 6pm we went back to the car park and the silver jeep had finally gone , the traffic was slowly moving now and a small army of traffic wavers had appeared , We managed to go home at last.

Our hearts go out to the silver jeep who was there for at least 2 hours and couldnt leave his car because he was in the middle of a narrow road