Shoot ’em up (2007)

Its been a while since ive seen a film so good it deserved its own blog post. ‘Shoot em up’ is one of those films, i watched it Saturday night with housemates and its definately been a while since ive … Read More

3 Days , 0 Exciting events

So… errr… Sunday : Did nowt, turned down swimming even though i wanted to go because I knew I had a full week of 9-4’s ahead of me :< Monday : Boring lecture in the morning ,faffed about on the … Read More

VVVVVV (V six times) ^A link taken from a forum i go to , lets hope he doesnt mind. This is the almost finished beta version , it is however totally playable aside from 2 small missing segments. I also hear that the … Read More

Snow again

Woke up this morning at 8am (Lie in!) and got a shortly after getting into very cold jeans , recieved a text telling me to look outside… Snoooowww… Coming down pretty heavy and had layed down another 2 inches or … Read More

New Years 09-10

New years eveWent to my uncles house party thing  (he lives near wimbledon) , there was a steamboat/hotpot thing going on and around 20 people there , lots to eat for everyone – the szechuan hotpot was pretty damn spicy … Read More