£800 worth of software =/= good quality film.

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So this week has been pretty much a bitch, I cant even remember many specifics of it because it was just so packed with work, its all melded into one very long day.

I do remember on thursday i did my first and hopefully last 9am-10pm day (consider also that included waking up at 7am to get to 9am lecture) , got back at 6;15 and group came over at 6:30 for genetics documentry work until 10 >_>
Did i mention this yet? i cant be bothered to go check.
Basically for our genetics lab work we have to produce a documentry style video , due this tuesday. As of the time of writing its 90% finished , The guy who was supposed to be editing it together’s laptop broke because he was a muppet and spilt drink over it, so editorial duty got passed to me because i was the only other person capable. I sort of dont mind , ive always wanted to try and learn how to use Sony vegas , and whaddaya know , after using it for about 10 hours today, ive pretty much got that shit down.


Shoot ’em up (2007)

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Its been a while since ive seen a film so good it deserved its own blog post.

‘Shoot em up’ is one of those films, i watched it Saturday night with housemates and its definately been a while since ive seen anything so ridiculous.

So the plot is…. well.. fucking abysmal. Its ridiculous and nonsensical. The characters are equally ridiculous and nonsensical – a prostitute with milky tits , a random baby, a hero who makes agent tequilla (Hardboiled/stranglehold) look like an amateur and who spits out more one liners than Arnold Schwarzenegger , and a bad guy who is fucking telepathic and takes about 10 bullets over the course of the film and refuses to die.


Its hard to explain why the film is so good without spoiling some of the best bits of the film…. so ill only spoil a few , a scene where the hero takes out a heavily armed assault team whilst naked and fucking the hooker , a scene where he shoots the back of a filing cabinet and the drawer hits some guy in the face (knocking him unconscious of course.) , a scene where he has a gunfight whilst freefalling out of a plane (because bullets still travel in straight lines when you’re moving at terminal velocity) , and finally he stabs a guy in the eye with a carrot.

I actually hacked the DVD and found some extra features , The film was originally going to be….

johnwoomaxpayneBut they were concenered the film  would be TOO good and kill off the movie industry as we know it , after all,  why bother trying to top a max payne film starring chev chellios eh.

See. This. Film.
6/5 neon edged goombas

Another monday/tuesday , another painful lab session…

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The weekend : Shitall happened over the weekend , just the way i like it with these full days of uni lectures… (oh. according to my twitter i saw Mr and Mrs Smith [in that 1080p 5.1 DTS no less] , good film , i was expecting alot worse from reviews and such.)

Monday : Cant really remember what happened , Our lab was completely gay , another finger pricking – blood squeezing lab to analyze it, walked out early because i just couldnt be fucked. Ended up playing Risk again , for about 2 hours. Also at some point i decided to download lots of arnold swarrzazasassnigger films.

Tuesday : 2 Lectures in the morning followed by another lab, this time checking blood pressures using the pumpy uppy cuff things, I supposedly have ‘Ideal’ blood pressure! (113/72 , systolic and diastolic respectively). Went to check out town a little on the way back, didnt see much but Did notice that Lostprophets new album is out , came back , downloaded it … its terrible (worse than liberation transmission) . Watched ‘Raw Deal’ (1986 arnie film) and then spent an hour or so playing Forza 3 on the threesiddy. Broke lukes toastie maker by accident (it just blew up its totally not even my fault!).

At some point : Horrible horrible nightmare involving being chased by those monsters from Silent hill shattered memories , they then captured me and it went all saw-esque and i got tied to a chair and they used a small melon scoop thing to take a verticle chunk out of the middle of my chest (in the middle of my rib cage)… I Feel uneasy just remembering it. I also had to fight off 2 psychopaths with an axe but then a third one appeared and stabbed me , woke up at 5am covered in sweat…

3 More days… Mainly filled with househunting stress.

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Wednesday : Househunting fail , the estate agents who were supposed to be showing us around places canceled because the houses are all gone , unfortunately they didnt tell us beforehand so we ended up spending 90 mins in the car in traffic for no reason.

Thursday : Panic houseviewing , houses are going fast so we knew we had to get SOMETHING quickly , we changed our  location to viewing houses in Leamington spa again (where we’re currently living) , but hoping to find a house closer to the bus route and all that. We looked around a good few houses , nice house with shit lounge , nice house with shit showers (2 showers… attached to the ground floor kitchen….) , medicore house with HUGE garden (it was a shared garden between 2 other student accomadations) , HUGE house with HUGE rooms and HUGE everything…. but it turned out we were viewing the wrong house and it was an already reserved 9 bedroom house , awesoem 5 bedroom house (but luke wanted to bring adam along so we couldnt even discuss leaving that fucker behind :< ) , and a shit house with shit everything - which was fucking hilarious.... The guy shows us into the house and was like 'right. basically.. you dont want this house... check this shit out' and then proceeded to give us an anti-cribs style tour... "the fuck is this shit?" he says... whilst poking holes in the lounge ceiling , he takes us into the garden and the fence has completely fallen down , the upstairs toilet has a hole where you can see into the kitchen , theres random holes in walls and ceilings - he points out a hole in his ceiling which has been filled with a tesco bag...
So anyway, our house , its basically a giant hotel style house with 4 floors (although the first floor is a write-off since its just stairs) then all the rooms were pretty huge and the lounge was a fuckin’ badminton court or some shit.

Friday : Went to first 2 lectures… then couldnt be arsed to wait around for 3 hour break and then 2 more lectures , so i went back home and played Mass Effect 2 , which is pretty damn sweet. They made the combat system better, made the graphics shinier ,improved squad stuff and .. well.. basically all good shit that i can think of, it also runs really well on my pc (quite thankful BFG replaced my old card now). In the evening we got a takeaway from our local chippy (dinner for £1.65! – savloy and chips!) and watched Jay and Silent Bob strike back.

3 Days , 0 Exciting events

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So… errr…

Sunday : Did nowt, turned down swimming even though i wanted to go because I knew I had a full week of 9-4’s ahead of me :< Monday : Boring lecture in the morning ,faffed about on the computer for a bit in the hour break, then did our lab , which was okay i suppose. Came back , bit of NSMBW , finished the game but still have to collect all the star coins now. Tuesday : Most boring academic day ever , Fell asleep in the first lecture , Fell asleep in the 2nd lecture (Although found out we have the most amazing neuroscience lecture , he speaks with an awesome thick russian accent , its so beast.) , Fell asleep in the workshop group (which replaced our lab this time) , We also found out that for this workshop we have 2 weeks to film a short down’s syndrome awareness movie, giving some facts on screening and all that crap. Hence im downloading Sony Vegas atm , because me and some other guy are going to be putting it together (I cant act to save my life.) We’re going househunting tomorrow so will say how that went i suppose, From the looks of it we may end up getting a 5 person house just because there arent enough 6 person houses available…

VVVVVV (V six times)

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^A link taken from a forum i go to , lets hope he doesnt mind.

This is the almost finished beta version , it is however totally playable aside from 2 small missing segments. I also hear that the beta version is actually slightly harder than the proper version , as parts were deemed too hard and so they took them out.

The game is sort of like I wanna be the guy , except not as ridiculous , you use the up key to invert gravity , and then there are a shitton of traps and stuff to avoid whilst flipping gravity…
Its an awesome way to kill an hour and a half or so just playing through the main story without even considering the bonus collectibles.

Map is pretty decently sized as you can see. Give it a go :P

Meanwhile , i think im going to go and give IWBTG another go.

Update :


Also. IWBTG is so fucked up. Still cant make it through the first spike corridor in the ghouls and goblins part.

Snow again

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Woke up this morning at 8am (Lie in!) and got a shortly after getting into very cold jeans , recieved a text telling me to look outside… Snoooowww… Coming down pretty heavy and had layed down another 2 inches or so.
Went to the bus stop , waited for 20 minutes and still nothing (the bus usually comes in like 3-5 mins) so i went home and fucked around for ages until everyone woke up. Then listened to loud music and fucked around some more until everyone wanted to play in the snow.


We ended up making a snow/ice slide in our back garden , it was snow , but then we poured water onto it and now its most likely ice. Will give it a test tomorrow.

We also had people stand on the wall by the shed and pelted snowballs at them for a while, which was fun.

It was going to happen eventually..

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Yup. 2nd day back at uni and an 8ft snow cock has already been built. In the middle of a field near a childrens play area no less.
Saturday night was spent doing a bar crawl and just chatting with everyone , sunday was househunting , building this cock and then some revision for tomorrows test (on the first day of fucking term) and watching Tokyo Gore Police, which was very fucked up but hilarious as well. Still cant touch ‘Machine girl’ though.
Oh, i also completed another campaign of L4D2 , the ‘Heavy Rain’ level is very very cool , made even better by my beasty speakers, rain and thunder never sounded so good.

New Years 09-10

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New years eve
Went to my uncles house party thing  (he lives near wimbledon) , there was a steamboat/hotpot thing going on and around 20 people there , lots to eat for everyone – the szechuan hotpot was pretty damn spicy though.
After dinner there was videogames, some guy called Tian was trying to get people to play Street fighter IV for ages, so we eventually put it on and he grabbed a controller… Winner stays on , Tian was winning , the other controller went round the room almost twice before someone managed to beat him , I eventually beat him once as well. Final score for him? 23 wins , 2 losses.
Bit of soul calibur next and then it was time to start prepping the fireworks , my uncle had bought £80 worth of fireworks from some really dodgy guy who probably made them from cardboard and some lighter fluid and gunpowder. New years struck , a speech , party poppers and champagne were popped and we started lighting the fireworks.
I forgot to mention that his garden is about 3 – 5m long , so this box of fireworks was at maximum 5m away from us , a few of the boxes started spazzing out and shooting fireworks low and near us so it was pretty much 20 adults hiding behind each other shouting “OHSHIT OHSHIT”.
After this we played some couples game where basically the couple stands back to back and has a 360pad and a hairbrush – the 360pad symbolizes the guy and the brush is the girl , someone then asks them a question and they both have to answer and if their answer matches up , they get a point. Examples of questions which were asked…. ‘who cries more at sad movies’ , ‘who is uglier’ , ‘who owns more pairs of jeans’ ‘who eats more apples’ etc. It was a good laugh seeing couples break down into “I dont even know you!”
Bit more street fighter IV where i managed to get a few more wins on him , winning around once every 3 or 4 games.
Went to bed around 4am

New years day
Woke up at 11 or so , had something to eat and then headed back home , journey took around 90 mins , went straight to romford to meet up with some friends , we played some pool (which is apparently now 50p per game on weekdays before 7pm) and then came back to mine for Halo , MW2 , PGR3 , DJhero , MAD3 A GAEM WITH ZOMB1EZ!!11 and probably a few other games Ive forgotten to mention. We then watched some of the big quiz of 09 thing on channel 4.

Happy new year to all! Hope its a good’un