New Years 09-10

New years eve
Went to my uncles house party thing  (he lives near wimbledon) , there was a steamboat/hotpot thing going on and around 20 people there , lots to eat for everyone Рthe szechuan hotpot was pretty damn spicy though.
After dinner there was videogames, some guy called Tian was trying to get people to play Street fighter IV for ages, so we eventually put it on and he grabbed a controller… Winner stays on , Tian was winning , the other controller went round the room almost twice before someone managed to beat him , I eventually beat him once as well. Final score for him? 23 wins , 2 losses.
Bit of soul calibur next and then it was time to start prepping the fireworks , my uncle had bought £80 worth of fireworks from some really dodgy guy who probably made them from cardboard and some lighter fluid and gunpowder. New years struck , a speech , party poppers and champagne were popped and we started lighting the fireworks.
I forgot to mention that his garden is about 3 – 5m long , so this box of fireworks was at maximum 5m away from us , a few of the boxes started spazzing out and shooting fireworks low and near us so it was pretty much 20 adults hiding behind each other shouting “OHSHIT OHSHIT”.
After this we played some couples game where basically the couple stands back to back and has a 360pad and a hairbrush – the 360pad symbolizes the guy and the brush is the girl , someone then asks them a question and they both have to answer and if their answer matches up , they get a point. Examples of questions which were asked…. ‘who cries more at sad movies’ , ‘who is uglier’ , ‘who owns more pairs of jeans’ ‘who eats more apples’ etc. It was a good laugh seeing couples break down into “I dont even know you!”
Bit more street fighter IV where i managed to get a few more wins on him , winning around once every 3 or 4 games.
Went to bed around 4am

New years day
Woke up at 11 or so , had something to eat and then headed back home , journey took around 90 mins , went straight to romford to meet up with some friends , we played some pool (which is apparently now 50p per game on weekdays before 7pm) and then came back to mine for Halo , MW2 , PGR3 , DJhero , MAD3 A GAEM WITH ZOMB1EZ!!11 and probably a few other games Ive forgotten to mention. We then watched some of the big quiz of 09 thing on channel 4.

Happy new year to all! Hope its a good’un