Snow again

Woke up this morning at 8am (Lie in!) and got a shortly after getting into very cold jeans , recieved a text telling me to look outside… Snoooowww… Coming down pretty heavy and had layed down another 2 inches or so.
Went to the bus stop , waited for 20 minutes and still nothing (the bus usually comes in like 3-5 mins) so i went home and fucked around for ages until everyone woke up. Then listened to loud music and fucked around some more until everyone wanted to play in the snow.


We ended up making a snow/ice slide in our back garden , it was snow , but then we poured water onto it and now its most likely ice. Will give it a test tomorrow.

We also had people stand on the wall by the shed and pelted snowballs at them for a while, which was fun.