VVVVVV (V six times)


^A link taken from a forum i go to , lets hope he doesnt mind.

This is the almost finished beta version , it is however totally playable aside from 2 small missing segments. I also hear that the beta version is actually slightly harder than the proper version , as parts were deemed too hard and so they took them out.

The game is sort of like I wanna be the guy , except not as ridiculous , you use the up key to invert gravity , and then there are a shitton of traps and stuff to avoid whilst flipping gravity…
Its an awesome way to kill an hour and a half or so just playing through the main story without even considering the bonus collectibles.

Map is pretty decently sized as you can see. Give it a go 😛

Meanwhile , i think im going to go and give IWBTG another go.

Update :


Also. IWBTG is so fucked up. Still cant make it through the first spike corridor in the ghouls and goblins part.