3 More days… Mainly filled with househunting stress.

Wednesday : Househunting fail , the estate agents who were supposed to be showing us around places canceled because the houses are all gone , unfortunately they didnt tell us beforehand so we ended up spending 90 mins in the car in traffic for no reason.

Thursday : Panic houseviewing , houses are going fast so we knew we had to get SOMETHING quickly , we changed our  location to viewing houses in Leamington spa again (where we’re currently living) , but hoping to find a house closer to the bus route and all that. We looked around a good few houses , nice house with shit lounge , nice house with shit showers (2 showers… attached to the ground floor kitchen….) , medicore house with HUGE garden (it was a shared garden between 2 other student accomadations) , HUGE house with HUGE rooms and HUGE everything…. but it turned out we were viewing the wrong house and it was an already reserved 9 bedroom house , awesoem 5 bedroom house (but luke wanted to bring adam along so we couldnt even discuss leaving that fucker behind :< ) , and a shit house with shit everything - which was fucking hilarious.... The guy shows us into the house and was like 'right. basically.. you dont want this house... check this shit out' and then proceeded to give us an anti-cribs style tour... "the fuck is this shit?" he says... whilst poking holes in the lounge ceiling , he takes us into the garden and the fence has completely fallen down , the upstairs toilet has a hole where you can see into the kitchen , theres random holes in walls and ceilings - he points out a hole in his ceiling which has been filled with a tesco bag...
So anyway, our house , its basically a giant hotel style house with 4 floors (although the first floor is a write-off since its just stairs) then all the rooms were pretty huge and the lounge was a fuckin’ badminton court or some shit.

Friday : Went to first 2 lectures… then couldnt be arsed to wait around for 3 hour break and then 2 more lectures , so i went back home and played Mass Effect 2 , which is pretty damn sweet. They made the combat system better, made the graphics shinier ,improved squad stuff and .. well.. basically all good shit that i can think of, it also runs really well on my pc (quite thankful BFG replaced my old card now). In the evening we got a takeaway from our local chippy (dinner for £1.65! – savloy and chips!) and watched Jay and Silent Bob strike back.