£800 worth of software =/= good quality film.

So this week has been pretty much a bitch, I cant even remember many specifics of it because it was just so packed with work, its all melded into one very long day.

I do remember on thursday i did my first and hopefully last 9am-10pm day (consider also that included waking up at 7am to get to 9am lecture) , got back at 6;15 and group came over at 6:30 for genetics documentry work until 10 >_>
Did i mention this yet? i cant be bothered to go check.
Basically for our genetics lab work we have to produce a documentry style video , due this tuesday. As of the time of writing its 90% finished , The guy who was supposed to be editing it together’s laptop broke because he was a muppet and spilt drink over it, so editorial duty got passed to me because i was the only other person capable. I sort of dont mind , ive always wanted to try and learn how to use Sony vegas , and whaddaya know , after using it for about 10 hours today, ive pretty much got that shit down.