Gamertype? Thought this was quite an intresting survey/quiz thing which will probably appeal to most people that read this blog. For me… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your BrainHex Sub-Class is Socialiser–Conqueror. You like hanging around with people you trust and helping people as … Read More

This place sure is different…

So this week we have more labs to do :/ Today we did a virtual nerve simulation, which was pretty boring stuff. Yesterday however (Monday) we did a frog disection… Essentially we were given a freshly killed frog which had … Read More

The company of myself

I rarely find myself playing online flash games unless im at uni or somewhere and trying desperately to kill time , ‘The company of myself’ however is an amazing game in every way, similar to braid in aspects , the … Read More

The scars remind us…

This is really.. really.. not my week.Emotionally scarred and now possibly physically too. (pushed gemma into a bush, she hit me in the face with her bag , her bag apparently contains a calculator and all manor of sharp things.)

In more uplifting news..

Id Like to thank my friends for their varying levels of support…Gemma for spending time with me and helping me realise there are far better girls in the worldDil for asking if i was serious (which is funny when i … Read More

Closing a chapter of my life

So , better get this out so i can go about forgetting faster. Sunday whilst exploring fran’s facebook inbox i came across messages between her and some guy , called her up about it and turns out she’s been sleeping … Read More

So last night decided to watch ‘Transporter 2’ because apparently I downloaded it ages ago in 720p , go me.Film was actually amazing , I sort of forgot how awesome Jason Statham is (like i knew he was awesome , … Read More


Down Syndrome project is done with , final video link is here for anyone that wants to watch a boring documentry – , the part i edited together is around 5:30~ onwards. In other news , labs are over … Read More