Down Syndrome project is done with , final video link is here for anyone that wants to watch a boring documentry – , the part i edited together is around 5:30~ onwards.

In other news , labs are over for now , we got an email today telling us that we dont actually have labs weeks 5 and 6… but have 2 on week 7. Typical that they would tell us this 3 days AFTER i book tickets to go see the girlfriend for the end of week 6 and the start of week 7, because there was me thinking id be studious and go to the timetabled labs on weeks 5 and 6 and then on week 7 I’ll get a nice break! >_>

Watched Road Trip today, im sure it was better last time I saw it , should have watched something with arnold swarchenegger in instead, or fast and furious 2 (because that film is lolz)