So last night decided to watch ‘Transporter 2’ because apparently I downloaded it ages ago in 720p , go me.
Film was actually amazing , I sort of forgot how awesome Jason Statham is (like i knew he was awesome , but not the level of awesome he presents in Transporter2).
This led to me checking out what other films he’s in on IMDB , this is when i came across a film called ‘The Expendables’….

The term ‘Holy shit’ doesnt really cover it really , a film with Stallone , Jet Li AND Jason Statham? The fuck. All it needs is ‘The Rock’ and it would be guaranteed ‘action film of the millenium’.

Going to watch Transporter 3 today at some point.. maybe now considering i just woke up and have nothing to do…. well… thats a lie , I have plenty of work to do but ugghhhhh.

Lab reports are really not something i want to do right now , they’re confusing and tbh since we did them up to 4 weeks ago i cant even remember the details of them that well anymore ~.~

Ive also recieved my next Essay title, due in on week 20 (March 18th) , the title is…
“Molecular diagnostics in medical microbiology : Yesterday , today and tomorrow’
Which is… idk… It doesnt sound particuarly nice but then again it doesnt sound TOO hard to write , surely its just researching molecular diagnostics in the past , where they are now and what they will be able to do in the future… I hope anyway