In more uplifting news..

Id Like to thank my friends for their varying levels of support…
Gemma for spending time with me and helping me realise there are far better girls in the world
Dil for asking if i was serious (which is funny when i look back at it ) and general being a friend
Kraws for helping me realise that bad shit only happens to good guys, and for helping to cheer me up
Various other people for asking if i was okay and stuff.

In a completely unrelated note , we watched ‘Commando’ by arnie the other day which was amazing and i think we’re watching Cool Runnings (!) tonight 😀
And now some unrelated pictures.

^The latest facebook craze , the ‘Like’ attack (if im missing anyone on facebook btw , im /mengplex)


^ The amazing LIQUID NITROGEN TRUCK! Its like an ice cream truck but way COOLER! (c wut i did thur)
You cant see too well, but all the pipes and shit were completely iced over and that fog was flowing everywhere ,it was so awesome.