The last week in pictures… and abit of text i suppose.

Apolagies for no updates in a while.
I went back home for a very extended weekend on saturday and stayed there until last night.


^ ‘Green eyed monster’, my new favorite drink , chilli sambuca , blue curacao and monster ripper (which is essentially a can of sugar + water , men in black style.)
Had this to perk me up on friday night before we went clubbing for christina’s birthday. Apolagies to fiona in the background who looks alot hotter irl.


^ Kasbah in coventry , pretty packed out. Was alright for the first hour or so but then everyone wasnt really in the mood anymore and christina (birthday girl) didnt want to leave which apparently means we all had to stay >_>


^ Chinese new year in Chinatown London , went there for a big meal with family on sunday. Got lots of moneyz too.
^ Ridiculous oversized new arcade game they have at trocedero, pretty much full sized minigun and giant screen and you shoot down planes and shit.


^ My new netbook came on monday , shit is mad tiny. The screen is around 1/4 of my main monitor size. Ive also found out my oversized mousemat works well for 2 mice if i ever want to use my netbook and my main pc at the same time. I get the feeling it’ll mainly be used for work on the go or vent while im downstairs on the 360.


^ Started snowing pretty fuckin’ heavy earlier , it seems to have calmed down now but outside is now painted a thin layer of white.

Other things that have happened over the past week…
– Played and finished Assassins creed 2 over 3 days
– Got the result of my first essay that i submitted , Low 2:1 , kind of disappointed as I put my heart and soul into that thing but at least its not a 2:2 which may have made me kill myself.
– Found some leftover washing up which i forgot to do before i went home , green mold. nice.
– Im drinking root beer.
– I found out that the £10 wireless mouse i ordered for my netbook needs to have a piece of tinfoil wedged into the battery compartment otherwise the battery doesnt make contact with the pins.
– Got my windows 7 to stop nagging me about genuine
– Started watching Kaiji , intresting anime , Try watching the first episode and tell me you dont want to keep watching to find out what happens.