This place sure is different…

So this week we have more labs to do :/

Today we did a virtual nerve simulation, which was pretty boring stuff. Yesterday however (Monday) we did a frog disection… Essentially we were given a freshly killed frog which had been decapitated , I then had to cut off the skin on its chest and cut upwards through its chest , move stuff out of the way and find the heart in a little sac , i then had to cut open the sac and basically pull out the heart slightly and clip it onto a thing which measures weight – this then could measure heartbeats… Oh yeah , i forgot to mention , the heart is still beating.
Yeeeaaahh… the heart muscle basically beats on its own to prevent problems in the brain from killing off the animal, so as long as we put this nutrient solution it would keep beating , and it did – for like 2 or 3 hours while we did various tests on it (such as changing the temperature , putting depressant on it , putting adrenaline on it , using string to cut off the atria from the ventricles (seperating the top and bottom) , and a bunch of other shit ).


Poor Frawgy.


Also , on the bus home today I ended up sitting at the top at the back (where all the gangsta’s sit and shi fo rizzle) , I spotted some ‘graffiti’ which made me laugh. Warwick sure is different to Essex..

It may be a little heart to work out because of my fuzzy camera , but basically its an ionic arrangement of Sodium Chloride (salt) compound , complete with scale measured in angstroms.

Finally , a picture of the ridiculous amount of wires around and under my desk right now.


In other news…

– Sales at asda , ended up with 3 packs of M&M’s 😀
– Still failing at doing essay work
– Global KDR has risen in MW2 , tried using ACOG Barrat50cal with sleight of hand pro today, was pretty hilarious being able to quickscope and kill people in 1 chest shot.
– 9am lecture tomorrow ~.~
– Party stuff is getting prepared, we still dont have the booze yet.
– Ridiculous headache almost all day today, complete BS
– We started watching ‘Drawn Together’ which is prettyhilarious.
– Episode 15 of Kaiji so far , poor guy keeps going from frying pan to fire and now has a giant eardrum remover strapped onto him.
– Ive completely fallen in love with ‘The Listening’ (Album) By ‘Lights’ , kinda like Genki Rockets meets Owl City. Listen to one of her better songs here

As usual, sorry for lack of updates.