Summer Wars (2009)

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Summer wars is a 2 hour film from the same guy that directed ‘The girl who leapt through time’.
Without spoiling too much, imagine… the matrix,but fun and without the human enslaving bit, and then unleash a virus in the matrix, and then make the matrix have mirror effects on the real world.

Its a really, really good film, probably the best animated film ive ever watched – including ghibli’s stuff. But then, thats just my opinion i suppose.

Definately worth a watch though.

How do you kill that which has no life?

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so one week into my holiday and I havent been out anywhere really, went to the carvery the other day for lunch and I went to tesco once with mum.

Life is so much more fun in Leamington with the housemates, which sort of makes me wonder – what is life going to be like after University finishes? Will i be doomed to loneliness in a boring job? They all live pretty far away from each other so I wont really be able to see them much.

So part of the reason I havent been out (aside from the fact ive few friends here) is that as usual, im swamped with work.
The vent lot will know this certainly isnt the first time ive been swamped with work – which reminds me , i should at least make more of an effort to get on vent while im on the 360.
Ive got exams for 12 modules coming up, each consisting of 15 lectures worth of material , ive been going through the lecture slides and notes and making condensed notes , the pharmacology module was around 18 pages at normal font size, molecular endocrinology is at 13 pages and im on lecture 10/15…

Ive got to make and learn 20 x 12 pages of information in about 2 months?
2nd year is supposed to be the hardest year thankfully, and its worth 30% of my entire degree and considering I got a shitty 2.2 in my first year I kinda wanna do well this year to make up for it. How fucking depressing.


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Found out about it from bemanisows, its basically a questionbox style thing.


Ask anonymous question —> (possibly) Get Answer!

See how we go I guess – might put a perma link on the side panel

Back home for easter

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Back home now, Not really sure what im going to do for 5 weeks or so, im totally dreading having to actually start studying  ~.~

My brother bought Dynasty warriors 6 so we’ve been playing that some, and im playing through bayonetta again just because its amazing – i actually missed a TON of stuff on my first playthrough, apparently you can get ice skates, a whip, a rocket launcher….

£800 worth of software = Good quality film! (apparently)

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So… anyone remember…  ‘£800 worth of software =/= good quality film.’
Well apparently thats a load of bullshit because our video won ‘Best Video’ award at the bioscience ‘WAFTAs’
Sooooo.. im pretty much made of win.

“he said all videos were 2.1 to high 1st and that crazy lady who also talked to us loved ours the best”
So surely that means our video is worth a High 1st right? Since its the best? RIGHT?!

Im pretty sure anony helped me at some point, so nigguh gets a mention fo being a beast.

In other news, My birthday present arrived yesterday, at last – Bayonetta!~
She’s so ridiculously over the top its brilliant.

Also, My term 2 workload is coming to an end, The 4 Lab reports (1500 words each) , 3 Lab Abstracts (250 words each) and Essay (3000 words) are almost done, I still need to polish up one of the lab reports and do one more lab abstract but other than that im almost in the clear!… Just in time for term 3 and final exam revision. Fucksake. T_T

The 15 Egg Challenge (Eggisode 2 – Eggpire strikes back)

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Task : Make unique dishes using 15 eggs , dishes cannot be made twice , no more than 2 eggs can be used in 1 dish.

On the last eggisode of the 15 Egg Challenge….
Eggs Used so far : 6/15

Now we continue with what happened to the other 9 eggs…

‘Scrambled Egg on Toast’


It was actually the first time i had properly made scrambled egg, Made it in the pan with a good helping of salt and pepper…
Yumminess : 7/10
Ease to Make : 8 (mix eggs, pour in pan, smack it around abit , make toast, put egg on toast…)
Eggs Used : 2/15

‘Deviled Eggs’

Idea page –


So deviled eggs, are supposed to be a hard boiled egg, cut in half and then you take the hard yolk out and mash it with stuff and put it back in the egg – unfortunately I apparently cant cook a hard boiled egg , they both came out semi-soft with abit of a runny yolk. Nevermind, I decided to improvise and make a ‘filling’ out of fried onion, bacon bits, sweetcorn and mixed it with BBQ sauce. It came out surprisingly well and was pretty damn tasty.
Yumminess : 8/10
Ease to Make : 3/10 (Takes a while as i had to fry the stuff up, boil the egg, peel the skin, cut it, clear up the yolk, mix the bacon and stuff… )
Eggs Used : 2/15

‘Easy Oven Frittata’

Recipe can be found at –


Running out of stuff to make at this point, A scan of the internet and i came across this ‘Frittata’, essentially a pasta bake but using egg and milk, I added bacon and sweetcorn as well because I bought lots of bacon after realising you can only really cook eggs with pork. It came out pretty well, and had a unique taste which i genuinely can’t describe. After spooning it out it looked like pasta mixed with bits of scambled egg though.
Yumminess : 6/10 (unique.)
Ease to Make : 4/10 (boil pasta, chop bacon up and put in whisked egg and milk mixture, shove in oven for 40 mins)
Eggs Used : 2/15

‘All Day breakfast Spaghetti’ (not the actual name, but thats what I have named it.)

Recipe / Idea…
Sure, why not. I was practically out of ideas for meals so i figured id go with this idea, thinking it would make some sort of omlette with pasta inside… I do however need meat in my diet so I thought id cut some sausages lengthways and put them in as well.

I’ll admit.. the result wasn’t quite what I had in mind, It pretty much turned into a big plate of spaghetti which tasted like English Breakfast, a kind of sausagey eggy taste… Not pictured in the picture is the dollop of ketchup I put on. The dish quite grew on me as I was eating it though, dipping the fork into the ketchup before picking up some egg coated spaghetti and piece of sausage was pretty nice. Its definately a taste you won’t get anywere else.
Yumminess : 4/10 at the start.. 7/10 by the end.
Ease to Cook : 4/10 (boil spaghetti, cutting the sausages was a bitch, the actual frying bit is pretty easy as you just throw it all in.)
Eggs Used: 2/15

‘Tamago Kake Gohan’

Idea can be found here :

Another find from the list of egg dishes on wikipedia , I have to admit I was pretty scared by this one but figured I had to try it.

So incae you didnt click the wikipeda link, or suss it out from the picture, this dish is basically getting a raw egg, mixing it with some soy sauce and then pouring it into rice. it was… actually not that bad, the raw egg added a slippery layer over the rice making it easier to eat than plain boiled rice, and the soy sauce gave majority of the flavour. I imagine the raw egg also has enough nutrients to compensate for the lack of any other ingredient in the dish.
Yumminess : 5/10 (nothing special, but definately edible.)
Ease to make : 8/10 (boiling up rice is sort of an effort, aside from that its eggstremely easy, hell you dont even have to cook the damn egg.)
Eggs Used : 1/15

And thats all 15 eggs gone!
probably one of the more intresting ventures ive taken into food, And tbh i think i’ll probably end up doing something similar with something else at some point, having to keep coming up with unique food ideas is a great way to discover or create new dishes.

Eggs Used : 15/15
Slices of bread used : 10
Rashers of bacon used : 5
Egg puns used : Not enough.
Best Dish : Bacon and Egg Sandwich, followed shortly by Deviled Eggs
Most intresting Dish : All Day Breakfast Spaghetti (Can’t say ive ever eaten anything where you dip your fork in ketchup before eating)
Worst Dish : Easy Oven Frittata (it wasnt even that bad, but something had to get ‘Worst dish’)

MBA presents… The 15 Egg Challenge! (Eggisode 1)

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Long story short , 15 eggs for £1.50.

Task : Make unique dishes using 15 eggs , dishes cannot be made twice , no more than 2 eggs can be used in 1 dish.

‘Eggs in the basket’

Have never made this before and only found out about it from wikipedia on a list of egg dishes.
Basically you cut a hole out of a piece of bread and crack the egg in the middle whilst frying the bread. Ate mine with ketchup.
Yumminess : 8/10
Ease to make : 6/10 (butter bread , wash glass that i used to cut hole of bread , cooking stage is easy though)
Eggs Used : 2/15

‘Ham and Egg Toastie’


Used the toastie machine after frying the egg and putting it in, its totally not a sandwich. Eaten with BBQ sauce as seen in picture.
Yumminess : 7/10
Ease to make : 9/10 (fry egg , make sandwich , toastie machine it)
Eggs used : 1/15

‘French Bread / Eggy Bread’


Ah, good ol’ french bread. Have never made it before so i had to google how to do it. I didnt put enough sugar in the egg mix so i had to top it myself.
Yumminess : 4/10 (I most definately made it wrong or something, little flavour even with a dusting of sugar and not soaked in enough egg, an eggstra egg and a ton more sugar would have probably made this a 7 or 8)
Ease to make : 3/10 (No idea how much sugar to add , have to beat the eggs first , bread falls apart if you try to pick it up with a fork to lift it into the pan, fair amount of washing up)
Eggs Used : 2/15

‘Bacon and egg sammich’

Ah. Bacon.
Its hard to top a bacon and egg sandwich with ketchup. Im dribbling a little bit just looking at this picture – and im typing this up after i just finished eating the thing.
Yumminess : 10/10 (god tier – you could say its pretty eggcelent)
Ease to make : 8/10 (Step 1 : Fry eggs and bacon , Step 2: ??? , Step 3: Profit!)
Eggs used : 1/15

Not sure were im going to go from here really , i could make an omlette or something eggtravagant I suppose. I did consider trying to make meringues but they’ll almost definately end badly and i’d need to go buy caster sugar or whatever goes in them. Might make pancakes or something i suppose… Kinda screwed since ive used all the easy recipes so early on and im going to need to make at least another 5 dishes to finish these eggs.
I also need to think up more egg puns.

Eggs left in the fridge : 9
Eggs Used so far : 6
Slices of bread used : 8
Egg Puns so far : 4


Noise Complaint

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‘To the residents of X brunswick street
Reference numerous conversations we have had regarding your behavior and noise pollution, to ourselves.
Once again on Saturday 27th Febuary you chose to ignore all requests, to keep within a reasonable noise level.
We feel we can no longer keep this problem within the boundaries of the two houses and are taking advise from our local councillors and warwick university, and will eb asking them for an explanation how a group of students feel they have no obligation what so ever to the community in which they reside.
Mr Mrs D.P (double penetration) Harris’

Ahahahahaha , what a load of bullshit.
They have formally come to complain 3 times since we’ve been living here , thats like.. once per two months?
I am so very fucking tempted to put my £70 speakers against their wall and unleash some fucking dubstep on them
THEN they’ll know what noise pollution actually is.

My 21st Party

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Week overdue update , didnt think it would matter since im pretty sure nobody reads this blog anymore anyway. Might just stop updating.

So my birthday party thing went pretty well , started off as a casual thing , bit of musics and stuff – we spent about £40 on booze and chips and dip and all that stuff which isnt too bad.
We started playing the Internet drinking game using alot of cards from 4chan and a few that duncan created , i wish i had a few to show – maybe ill get them later. Was pretty good stuff , rule34 got played twice D:
During this game i also had to run around the house making chicken noises and had to bend over and get spanked by everyone in the room whilst downing a drink.

Drinking games soon devolved into strobe light rave

Strobe light rave soon turned into the landlord at the door telling us to turn it down because apparently our neighbors had called the police on us and they had contacted him about it.

We went off to the jet , our localish pub – full of 30-40 year old drunks, I ended up talking with some random guy who bought me a pint because of my big 21st badge, his other friend decided to start trying to talk to me in japanese – and then practically pulled his ass out to show me his japanese tattoo – and then kissed me :|

We went back to the house shortly after this , where the alcohol was starting to get the better of me , i thought id rest my eyes.
Fortunately managed to open them fast enough to avoid an antiquing which my housemates were planning (for those not in the know , basically.. flour.)

I went upstairs and fell asleep shortly after this but the party went on without me, apparently at 4am there was a paintball fight in the garden or something and the girl next door (not the complaining side) decided to go get her violin and play that for a while.

I woke up… aftermath…



There is still a thin layer of flour around in the kitchen and spots of the carpet :/