Summer Wars (2009)

Summer wars is a 2 hour film from the same guy that directed ‘The girl who leapt through time’.Without spoiling too much, imagine… the matrix,but fun and without the human enslaving bit, and then unleash a virus in the matrix, … Read More

Kotaku Census results

just thought id drop this here, Huge survey thing on kotaku readers about games.  Pretty intresting finds , for example 79% of PC users have pirated a game at some point.


Found out about it from bemanisows, its basically a questionbox style thing. Basically… Ask anonymous question —> (possibly) Get Answer! See how we go I guess – might put a perma link on the side panel

Back home for easter

Back home now, Not really sure what im going to do for 5 weeks or so, im totally dreading having to actually start studying  ~.~ My brother bought Dynasty warriors 6 so we’ve been playing that some, and im playing … Read More

Noise Complaint

‘To the residents of X brunswick streetReference numerous conversations we have had regarding your behavior and noise pollution, to ourselves.Once again on Saturday 27th Febuary you chose to ignore all requests, to keep within a reasonable noise level.We feel we … Read More