My 21st Party

Week overdue update , didnt think it would matter since im pretty sure nobody reads this blog anymore anyway. Might just stop updating.

So my birthday party thing went pretty well , started off as a casual thing , bit of musics and stuff – we spent about £40 on booze and chips and dip and all that stuff which isnt too bad.
We started playing the Internet drinking game using alot of cards from 4chan and a few that duncan created , i wish i had a few to show – maybe ill get them later. Was pretty good stuff , rule34 got played twice D:
During this game i also had to run around the house making chicken noises and had to bend over and get spanked by everyone in the room whilst downing a drink.

Drinking games soon devolved into strobe light rave

Strobe light rave soon turned into the landlord at the door telling us to turn it down because apparently our neighbors had called the police on us and they had contacted him about it.

We went off to the jet , our localish pub – full of 30-40 year old drunks, I ended up talking with some random guy who bought me a pint because of my big 21st badge, his other friend decided to start trying to talk to me in japanese – and then practically pulled his ass out to show me his japanese tattoo – and then kissed me 😐

We went back to the house shortly after this , where the alcohol was starting to get the better of me , i thought id rest my eyes.
Fortunately managed to open them fast enough to avoid an antiquing which my housemates were planning (for those not in the know , basically.. flour.)

I went upstairs and fell asleep shortly after this but the party went on without me, apparently at 4am there was a paintball fight in the garden or something and the girl next door (not the complaining side) decided to go get her violin and play that for a while.

I woke up… aftermath…



There is still a thin layer of flour around in the kitchen and spots of the carpet :/